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18 May 2017
01:01simplisityHello, I am on Ubuntu 16.10, and I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 52.1.1 with Lightning . After the upgrade, now when I view an email in my inbox that contains an `invite.ics` attachment, I no longer see the bar in the UI where I can decline or accept the invitation, and Lightning will just automatically accept/add the invite to my calendar. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
08:08Fallensimplisity: we didn't add any code to auto-accept invitations. Are you sure it is not the server adding them to the calendar?
16:57arshad@Fallen: Hi.
17:01arshadFallen: Hi, I looked at postMessage and iframe thing.. Earlier I thought postMessage was some custom function made by Paul but now I get to know that it is a less popular api provided by html5
17:03simplisityFallen: that is possible. I will investigate.
17:14arshadFallen: So as you told in last meeting that I have to first make the dialogs in browser and then add them to lightning to see whether they are working or not, right?
17:17arshadQ1. I was wondering which syntx should i use - eS5 or es6? I saw some es5 react code in some files. What about all babel-awesomeness that the dialogs will have in browser environment? How can they be added to lightning?
17:19arshadQ2. How can I make sure that styling pattern is uniform? there are many stying properties that need to be taken care of e.g., font-size, font-family, color, background etc.
18:32Fallenarshad: I would start with some planning work. Take a look at each existing dialog, write down what window arguments are going in, what data is being sent back to the opener. Then, if the dialog has menus or toolbars, write down what commands exist. That will be useful to determine what messages need to be sent via postmessage
18:32FallenMaybe you can start with that task
18:34arshadFallen: I had this in my question list but I intentionally didn't ask it. I will get back to you tomorrow then..
18:34FallenAs for JavaScript standard, you can use the latest and greatest, as long as it is supported by the Mozilla platform. I think even parts of es8 are implemented.
18:35FallenWe have an .eslintrc file in the calendar subdirectory that you can use as a base
18:36FallenYou may need to manually retrieve the one that is included from toolkit, or possibly use the plugin. I can get you that file
18:36FallenWe won't be using babel, mostly because we don't have to :)
18:36arshadFallen: so I will start with print Dialog. is that ok?
18:37FallenThe data in/out and commands you can do for all dialogs, that shouldn't be more than 2 pages if you write it down
18:38FallenWhen working on large projects it helps to get an overview first before you dive in
18:39FallenThis way you know how much work it is and can get enough structure so you always know what is next
18:39FallenBut after planning you can start with any dialog you want. The calendar properies dialog is probably easiest
18:41FallenAs for styling, you may be able to scavenge some css from the browser.html project. Otherwise you should look into the xul stylesheets for each OS, and adapt them to remove all xul specific css (e.g use of -moz-box)
18:42FallenI will get you the links to those sheets
18:45arshadFallen: Ohk it completely makes senses to do planning.. I will start planning work and will get back to you tomorrow.
18:47Fallenarshad: great! Any chance you could set up an irc bouncer? This way I can always send you messages
18:48arshadFallen: Ohk i am setting it up now
18:52FallenThanks :)
18:53FallenLet me know if you need help
18:53FallenI am asking because sometimes I have random comments that don't warrant an email, this way I can just send it to you via irc :)
18:55arshadohk cool
21:32arshadFallen: are you there
23:33Fallenarshad: sure whats up?
23:56arshadFallen: i was tryign to add bouncer to my irc client and I am nearly done with all the things but when I try to open then the webadmin panel of znc bouncer doesnn't open.. While setting up conf I bound host with my hostname and chose 6000 as my port.. any idea how to get it working?
23:56arshadip corresponding to my host name is , I am also a bit unsure what exactly server_ip is meant in context of bouncer?
23:57arshad - my conf file
23:59Fallenarshad: so it sounds like you are setting it up on your local machine? Thats not the point of a bouncer :)
23:59FallenIf you have your computer on 24/7 you can just leave your irc client open
19 May 2017
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