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18 Apr 2017
05:09shubham007Fallen : Hi
11:05kpcyrdhey. I've updated thunderbird to 52 and I can't get the calendar to work since then.
11:06kpcyrdI'm using the thunderbird package from archlinux and they include the calendar since a very recent version. I think it's supposed to be there, but I can't figure out how to open it
11:09Fallenkpcyrd: make sure it is enabled in the addons manager, then there should be a small calendar icon on the top right
11:10kpcyrdFallen: so on a clean profile, there should be the lightning addon preinstalled, correct?
11:10Fallenkpcyrd: yes
11:10* Fallen -> meetings
11:12kpcyrdFallen: not sure what I did wrong the last time, but the lightning addon is now there with a new clean profile. Sorry for bothering you everybody :)
11:13Fallenkpcyrd: no worries at all, thanks for dropping by!
11:15kpcyrdis there an easy way to migrate to a clean profile while keeping most of my stuff?
11:16Fallenkpcyrd: hmm probably not, without copying most everything over. You can uninstall Lightning in the old profile, then go to the addons manager after the restart and it should be there with a button to enable.
11:22kpcyrdprobably easier to just start fresh and configure it as I go :) Is the "Provider for Google Calendar" still recommended?
11:23Fallenkpcyrd: yep, gives you all the good stuff :)
11:31kpcyrdFallen: yey, got everything working \o/ thank you for your help!
20:13nn7For whatever reason, the latest version of lightning does not close the window when you save an event.
20:14Fallennn7: interesting. Any error console messages? Can you file a bug?
20:15nn7Maybe it's part of the google calendar provider. Let me try another calendar provider.
20:15nn7Does the same with an exchange calendar.
20:15nn7Lots of JS errors in the error log.
20:16nn7That's from creating a google calendar event and then an exchange calendar event
20:17Fallencan you disable the exchange add-on? It may need an update based on some of those ReferenceErrors I see
20:19Fallennn7: also, what version of the add-on are you using?
20:20nn7Provider for google calendar 3.1
20:20Fallenoh sorry, I meant of the exchange provider add-on
20:20nn7Exchange EWS provider 3.8.0
20:21Fallencan you try version 3.9.0 from ?
20:21nn7Disabling the exchange provider allows the google event window to close normally
20:23nn7I just noticed the that button in the top left of the new event window said "save and close" before I installed the exchange provider and now it just says "save"
20:23nn7and the problem exists with EWS provider 3.9.0
20:24Fallenah. Can you customize the toolbar to get that button back?
20:24nn7If I choose "save and close" from the pulldown it does just what we would expect
20:26nn7Changing the button works and the change sticks even after restarting Thunderbird.
20:26Fallensure thing :)
21:47wsmwkFallen: a user at kinda went off the deep end looking for the addon at AMO. Is there anyone besides yourself who can be tasked with pushing updates to AMO?
21:48Fallenwsmwk: probably not. I really just need to find the time to do it. It is not that hard and mostly automated, but I'd like to do some smoketesting first and then need to push it through review
21:49FallenSure, someone else could do this, but I'd have to set them up with everything and that is probably not worth the extra effort
21:51wsmwkFallen: will it help if I send an email when we release? :)
21:51Fallenan email to whom?
21:52wsmwkFallen: to you
21:52Fallensure :)
21:53wsmwkit is on the list (sort of) and i have been ignoring it
19 Apr 2017
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