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16 May 2017
15:34arshadFallen: I am very sorry I couldn't make it at 8pm
15:35arshadis there anychance we can do it right now
15:50Fallenarshad: I have another meeting in 10 minutes, sorry. We could do it in 2.5 hours, right before the Thunderbird meeting?
15:51arshad@Fallen: Ohk greaat.
15:51FallenI updated the invite :)
15:52Fallenarshad: for the meeting we are using Vidyo, which requires a client to install. You can click on the Link in the meeting invite now already, that will send you to the download location
15:54arshad@Fallen: Yes, I read it on thunderbird status meeting page.. very sorry again. I feel asleep after coming from college and I just woke up.
15:55Fallenno worries :)
15:56arshad@Fallen: Thanks :)
17:45arshadFallen: VidyoDesktop client is having some problem on elementary os (based on ubuntu 16.04) I have installed it but it is not opening.. Can i join via webrtc or any other way?
18:06Fallenarshad: for the 1:1 meeting we can do e.g google hangouts. The Thunderbird meeting will require Vidyo though
18:07FallenGetting any error messages?
18:08arshadFallen: no error messages, it just ask to accept the t&c first time and then it doens't open
18:09FallenHmm. Is the process still running after that?
18:10FallenIf you start it from the Terminal, does that show messages?
18:10arshad@Fallen: yes process is still running
18:11arshadFallen: it has something to do with libqt librarries
18:12FallenSomething missing maybe? Or a specific qt version?
18:20arshad@Fallen: I followed all those things while installing it...
18:21Fallenarshad: do you have a smartphone maybe? There is Vidyo for iOS at least
18:21arshad@Fallen: android user :P
18:21FallenProbably also Android :)
18:22FallenJust a short term fix :)
18:27Fallenarshad: i will be a few mins late, need to finish up dinner prep
18:29arshadFallen: I borrowed a windows laptop and I have installed vydiodesktop and its asking for portal ,login passwrod. I dont see any signup page kinda thing on the web site..
18:29arshadFallen: Ohk i am online on hangout.. whenever u r ready msg me
18:29FallenOk cool!
18:38Fallenarshad: ok, I'm somewhat ready!
18:38FallenI'll have to go down and check on food in about 5-10 mins, but that should just be a few minutes
18:39arshad@Fallen: I guess only gmail ids can be sent invitations on hangout.. is my id so send me an invite when you rre ready
18:41arshadohk i have sent an invite on
19:27Fallenarshad: can you hear us?
19:35arshad@Fallen: well I couldn't hear you well so apoligies If i missed something..
19:38Fallendon't worry, I think you didn't miss much, what I said was just introductory talk.
19:39FallenI hope we can fix the linux vidyo issue, your microphone was much better in the hangouts session :)
19:48arshadFallen: haha.. I gave a full 5 min lecture .. I will make sure that these issues don't happen next time..
19:49Fallenarshad: yep, I could understand most of it, but it took some concentration :)
19:50FallenThanks for doing that btw!
19:51arshadFallen: I just gave my intro, and then talked about the proposal and things that I have mentioned in it. I also tried to give some reason why React is chosen over web components or plain html
19:52arshadand a little thanks giving in the end to organisation members for selecting me
19:55FallenThen I probably understood most everything :)
19:56FallenYou should get some sleep though, must be late over ther!
19:57arshadFallen: good night and thanks again for all the help :)
19:57Fallensure thing, see you tomorrow!
17 May 2017
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