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15 May 2017
09:17kpcyrdhey. I've started having issues with the calendar in combination with google
09:17kpcyrdI can't properly dismiss reminders
09:18kpcyrdI'm still getting them for an event last thursday
11:22Fallenbbbrowning: woah, haven't seen you in a while! How are you doing?
11:36bbbrowningHi, Fallen, doing pretty well. How about you?
11:37Fallenexcellent! What have you been up to?
11:38bbbrowningJust keeping the wheels on things at work. Had a little time and thought I'd see what's up here.
16:29istrasciTrying to add a Google calendar into TB using Lighting ( UI isn't responding the way the article describes.
16:29Fallenistrasci: disable ms exchange provider during calendar creation?
16:30istrasciOK, let me try that.
16:30Fallencommon issue. Their latest version should fix it
16:31istrasciWhich latest, Google's or Exchange's?
16:32FallenI tried to workaround it in the provider for Google Calendar at some point, but it that didn't seem to work
16:32Fallenwhat version are you using of the exchange provider?
16:35istrasciOK, disabling Exchange got me past one screen. But then I put in my gmail address (my secondary address), and it shows calendars for my primary gmail address that has already been added.
17:28Fallenistrasci: ah yes, that *sigh*
17:29Fallenistrasci: remove gdata auth tokens from the password manager, then when logging in only do one login dialog at a time, possibly with a restart inbetween
17:29Fallenfix underway
17:30Fallenarshad: heya :)
17:30arshadFallen: Hi, how are you?
17:32Fallenarshad: pretty good, and you? Would a weekly meeting tuesdays at 8pm IST work for you?
17:33istrasciFallen: I ended up trying some things from this thread including deleting all cookies and passwords.!topic/provider-for-google-calendar/YsrtwfDtizo
17:33istrasciAll is working now. Thank you!
17:33Fallenistrasci: great, sorry for the inconvenience!
17:33istrasciFallen: No worries, appreciate the help.
17:35arshadFallen: I am good, I haven't read take a look into paul's iframe thing.. other than that I read all his blogs.. sorry can't be much productive these days. Yes, I will try my best to attend it.. btw the biweekly meeting was supposed to happen at 00:30 am on Wednesday for IST?
17:35arshad- read
17:36Fallenarshad: yes, 00:30am Wednesday IST. Don't worry about the productivity, you have your finals to worry about. Once that is over we should connect to make sure you are not blocked on me or the project for being productive :)
17:36FallenIf 8pm IST for our meeting doesn't work for you I can do another time
17:37arshad8pm is fine too
17:37Fallen-- just to clarify, 8pm IST Tuesdays would be our weekly 1:1, 00:30 IST Wednesdays bi-weekly is the public Thunderbird Status meeting with everyone
17:38arshad@Fallen: I will try to attend both if that is appreciated?
17:38arshad* cool
17:38Fallenyes that is what I am hoping. If you can't make the Thunderbird Status meeting every time that is fine though
17:39FallenI'm not there every time myself :D
17:39FallenThe weekly 1:1 would be good though, but if you have a scheduling conflict in some week just let me know in advance and we'll reschedule.
17:39FallenSo lets start with tomorrow for the 1:1 if that works with your exams :)
17:42arshad@Fallen: Am i expected to speak something on my projectt or just an intro talk?
17:44Fallenyou mean in the status meeting? I'll make the introduction, from there it would be great if you could give folks a quick description of your project. Some of them may not know what you will be working on :)
17:44arshad@Fallen: Ohk cool. what about weekly meeting>
17:45Fallenthat is just between the two of us to check in on how things are going, so no need to prepare anything for this week :)
17:49Fallenbrb dinner
18:37arshadFallen: Cool!
16 May 2017
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