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14 Jul 2017
00:17arshadI know, anytime when u are free :)
19:53arshadFalllen: ping
20:36Mcarshad: wrong nick ^
20:36arshadFallen: ping
20:36arshadMc: thanks
22:16Fallenarshad: pong
22:24arshadFallen: should i add redux to calpropdialog
22:25Fallengiven the complexity of that dialog I don't think it will be necessary
22:25arshadhmm ohkay, so i have added redux to print dialog and setup all the actions and reducer etc..
22:25arshadggot some advices from yulia
22:26arshadwhihc i also try to follow and currently the project looks better .. Here is the file that you want to look at -
22:27arshadline 29 can have that acceptDialog logic, and it can also access the state outside react
22:29arshadany comments on that?
22:30arshadfew things to clarify there tho
22:32arshaddue to js file importing cconstraint I have to add all the global varaible to window object.. using iife to prevent pollutin the global scope..
22:35Fallenwhat do you mean with acceptDialog logic? I guess it will be sending data to the xul container and then that will take care?
22:37arshadyes. By acceptDialog logic, I meant the code that will be executed when dialog is being accepted..
22:38arshad*dialog is accept
22:39Fallenok, well it does look like the right thing to do from what I can see :)
22:40FallenUnfortunately I need to run. I'll be around tomorrow morning for more questions :)
22:41arshadFallen: ohk np
22:41Fallenor today morning for that matter :D
15 Jul 2017
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