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13 Jul 2017
04:05arshadFallen: I guess the problem for separting the code that will be exeecuted on acceptdialog from view is now solved.. ping me once u are online , alot to show you and some queestions as well
17:27wsmwkFallen: dyk if makemyday is around. the last bug beta is waiting on is review for bug 1350679
17:27firebot REOPENED, Remove deprecated toLocaleFormat from calendar, use Intl.DateTimeFormat instead
17:27wsmwkperhaps someone else can review?
17:29Fallenwsmwk: from memory jrg just pinged him today, maybe we can give him till the weekend? Or do you absolutely want to build this week?
17:30wsmwkFallen: i'd really like to get started, on the assumption that the build won't go smoothly
17:30Fallenarshad: i haven't forgotten you, will get back to you after dinner
17:30Fallenwsmwk: ok, i'll see what I can do today
17:31wsmwkor if the bug doesn't really impact the build in a big way, perhaps inform jorg that it can wait til 56 beta
17:58wsmwkhmm, now there is also Bug 1313659
17:58firebot ASSIGNED, Replace nsIScriptableDateFormat in editor/ and chat/
14 Jul 2017
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