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11 Jul 2017
14:17arshadFallen: are you free after 30 mins?
14:28Fallenarshad: sure!
14:28arshadohk cool
14:59Fallenarshad: need 5-10 more mins
15:07arshadFallen: sendin the hangout link in a min
15:08Fallenawesome, I'm about ready :)
15:15Fallenarshad: ready when you are
15:19Fallenarshad: I hear you
21:43arshadFallen: I am thinking of hangin with redux as it seems to make things simple.. I wonder what would be the folder structure of code that we will be integrating
21:44arshadi mean there are many files involved in current state of project so can we follow the exact same structure in TB or we have to do some modifications?
21:44arshadsince with redux, I am thinkin of dividing the components into containers and dumb components so I am just about to do that split but I need to hear u on this first
21:48arshadlet me know if u dont understnd what i meant... I have written some horrible eng above
12 Jul 2017
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