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24 Mar 2017
00:00arshadFallen: if that is in include path then shoudn't nsNullPrincipal.h be in angle brackets instead of quotes ?
00:01arshad#include <nsNullPrincipal.h> instead of #include &quot;nsNullPrincipal.h&quot;
01:03acagastyaI got a build fail message with &quot;cannot find -lGL&quot;
01:03acagastyaFurther, &quot;undefined reference to &#39;glXGetProcAddress&#39;&quot;.
01:03acagastyaWhat should I do?
01:17arshadFallen: I ran the build command again and it failed again. this time due to a segmentation fault. full log -
01:18Fallenarshad: what gcc or clang version are you using?
01:18Fallenacagastya: looks like missing packages still. Did mach bootstrap work?
01:19Fallen(it is 2am here, my suggestions might not be as bright :)
01:19arshadFallen: gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.4) 5.4.0 20160609
01:23acagastyaFallen: Yes.
01:24acagastyaI found only Firefox in the list, I chose 2 (Firefox for desktop).
01:25Fallenarshad: can you try switching to gcc 4.8 and restarting the build? You will have to start over from scratch
01:25Fallenmach clobber will remove your objdir
01:26Fallenacagastya: try installing libgl-dev ?
01:32acagastyaFallen: &quot;Your build was successful!&quot;
01:32acagastyaThank you very much, fallen, arshad and jdm!
01:33Fallenacagastya: awesome, glad it worked!
01:36arshadFallen: I have to rerun the build command or the whole setup ?
01:39Fallenarshad: just mach build
01:39arshadI assume you meant to rerun the build
01:52arshadFallen: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option -fdiagnostics-color
01:53Fallenhm interesting. Maybe 4.8 is no longer the suggestion. Lets go ask in #build
01:54Fallenarshad: ^
01:54arshadFallen: I have joined the channel
02:55arshadI should also probaably sleep. but I can&#39;t wait see the results of the build. I think it will pass this time
24 Mar 2017
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