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20 Mar 2017
02:47ajaihsiao|sheriffduty, FYI, see scrollback ... just in case it's not an isolated occurrence
19:51froydnjhm, mach bootstrap wants me to install a bunch of packages I don't have installed, but can build firefox just fine without...
20:04tedlike what?
20:10nalexanderfroydnj: those lists are hand curated, and change over time.
20:11froydnjsome dbus packages, gtk 3 packages, a few that I assume are gtk related
20:16tedi think the dbus stuff is just for the build notifications?
20:27froydnjI get build notifications!
20:27froydnjthough I think we changed that to not use dbus-specific stuff a while back, so maybe the dbus packages are not required now
20:27froydnjoh, rillian is not accepting feedback requests =/
20:28froydnjanybody want to feedback on a mach bootstrap patch?
20:30chmanchesterted: according to we can just stop writing out the symbols index... is that definite, is there anything that might be consuming that we should check on?
20:30firebotBug 1314713 NEW, buildsymbols race condition with symbols.txt.tmp
20:31tedchmanchester: if there's nothing in-tree then we should just get rid of it
20:31tedi don't believe there is
20:31chmanchesterok, great. thanks
20:32tedthere might be some people still using very old versions of my fetch_symbols script for local debugging, but we can just get them to use a newer version or something
21:13gps may interest gecko hackers in this channel
21:14gpsoh look - i missed a monthly dev-platform thread complaining about build times
21:15KWiersoI wouldn't say I'm missing it, bob
21:15mshalwelcome back gps!
21:17gpsstill trying to make sense of this brave new world
21:22froydnjgps: welcome back! we moved all the furniture for you
21:22gpsi noticed :/
21:26dmajorted: do minidumps contain GetLastError?
21:30rhelmergps: wb! I got jsdocs working w/ sphinx, which you might be interested in chatting about later (I need to run atm)
21:31rhelmerI have a general question for the channel - if I wanted to gather up the addon IDs for built-in system add-ons (bug 1348981) is there a great way to do that?
21:31firebot NEW, validate built-in system add-ons against a list of known IDs
21:31rhelmerthe only place we store IDs is in the file for each add-on's dir ( and in the install manifest for the addon
21:32rhelmerideally I'd just like an array in AppConstants.jsm containing the build IDs that we will activate in the application directory browser/features/ dir
21:32mshalI feel like I discussed that with someone else maybe a year ago...
21:32* mshal tries to find the conversation
21:32rhelmerif we have to, I'll settle for having a list in e.g. ./browser/extensions/ or even in AppConstants.jsm directly, but I'd rather not
21:33rhelmer(also note that this just moves the goalposts a bit for people that have write access to the app dir, but that's known and we Have A Plan for the rest)
21:33rhelmers/people/malware authors/
21:34dmajorfroydnj: heads up about, not sure if it affects your libclang bug
21:35froydnjdmajor: thanks. it would only affect windows, I think, since that's the only place where the mach bootstrap foo would download clang >= 4.0
21:35dmajorfroydnj: well, windows is the only place the panic happens :)
21:42mshalrhelmer: ahh, found it - I was talking with rdalal about getting a list of addon ids from a shipped binary for something with balrog. Might be worth checking with him too. Sounds like you want a list compiled in somewhere that ships with the build though?
21:42froydnjdmajor: hah!
22:17gpsrhelmer: i saw something about js docs and sphinx on twitter - didn't realize that was you
22:17gpsexcellent work!
22:23gpsicecream clobber build in sf office with -j100 completed in 4 minutes exact. includes configure.
22:28glandiumgps: how many workers are there?
22:39rhelmergps: yeah, Erik Rose made sphinx-js and I've been getting it working for mozilla-central... lots of work to be done on the jsdoc annotations though
22:39rhelmermshal: right
22:39rhelmergps: readthedocs doesn't have jsdoc or sphinx-js installed, so it won't work there as-is. I have it set up on gh pages right now with a custom domain, e.g.
22:40rhelmersphinx-js doesn't currently support the kind of "proxy" class we do in AddonManager -> AddonManagerInternal, but there's an open issue I'll probably take soon
22:41rhelmerin AOM all of the jsdoc and impl is in AddonManagerInternal and the "public" AddonManager just calls into those, it's kind of a pain. I think we can simplify that, but shouldn't block us from putting up docs
22:42rhelmera lot of internal docs are already way out of date on MDN and is likely to get worse soon as we can do lots of refactoring and culling post-57, but we still need docs for hotfixes, system add-ons, web extension API implementors, and so on
22:42rhelmerin any case - it does work! and the eslint jsdoc rule could keep us honest
23:22gpsmshal is in the early lead for favorite build system patch while I was away (with bug 1339182)
23:22firebot FIXED, Remove OSX universal support in the build system
23:28gpsso many esoteric bugs
23:28gpstypical build system
23:38gpsted closed all the pymake bugs \o/
21 Mar 2017
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