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19 May 2017
01:20glandiumI love it when the installer for KB3165756 for VS 2015 update 3 tells you the update will use up to 4GB disk space
01:35glandiumtbsaunde: sad to see you leave
01:36glandiumtbsaunde: good luck with whatever comes next
05:45tbsaundeglandium: yeah me too, thanks, and good luck to you too
05:46tbsaundeand good working with you
11:08kekatI am trying to build a fresh checkout and |mach build| is failing on windows on a IGeckoCustom.idl related operation.
11:10araiwhich version of VisualStudio are you using?
11:10araimidl is a part of VisualStudio
11:11kekatVS2015 I think. I have both 2017 and 2015 installed.
11:11araido you have midl.exe ?
11:12kekatI have it in "Windows Kit\8.1\bin\x86" and x64 and also in win10 sdk 10.0.15063.0 path.
11:13araido you have that path in PATH environment?
11:14kekatI do not have it in the path
11:16kekatI have checked and I do not have "Cumulative Servicing Release for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 (KB3165756)" either, installing it now.
11:20kekatno change with the update
13:07kevinjApplied the patches to most recent mozilla-central repos, which included 2 new files, did `hg add <new files>`, then mach build, I find that new file `browser/components/extensions/schemas/find.json` does not get into the build. When I try to run my test I get &quot;file not found&quot;, and checking `ls obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/dist/bin/browser/chrome/browser/schemas/find.json` confirms it is not...
13:07kevinj...there. Does anyone know why this would be?
13:25mshalkevinj: did you add find.json to the file in the same directory?
13:30kevinjmshal: no
13:37kevinjmshal: Okay, I added it, but it still doesn&#39;t get folded in.
13:48mshalkevinj: can you post your patches somewhere so I can see what you&#39;re trying?
13:53kevinjmshal: It &#39;s the 3 current patches in bug 1332144
13:53firebot ASSIGNED, Find API
13:57kevinjmshal: probably most relevant is
15:06mshalkevinj: so when I add find.json to and build, I get a symlink for find.json under dist/bin/browser/chrome/browser/content/browser/schemas like the rest of the json files in that manifest. Does that not happen for you?
15:20igoldanwhere can I find more about the tags from this graph?
15:21igoldanlike t-yosemite-r7, tst-emulator64-spot etc
15:22igoldanwhat&#39;s is each machine used for
15:22igoldanthe naming convention
18:36nalexanderchmanchester: is it possible to run the mozbuild Python tests on try?
18:36nalexanderchmanchester: I can&#39;t find a target that runs what used to be |make check|
18:36nalexandergps: do you know? mshal? ^
18:39mshalnalexander: we still have make check, at least for the time being
18:39nalexandermshal: how do I invoke it in try?
18:40mshalnalexander: hmm on my last try push I see it run in the Linux x64 B task without doing anything special - can you point me to your push?
18:41nalexandermshal: I haven&#39;t pushed &#39;cuz I didn&#39;t know it was part of B. I will do that!
18:41mshalahh, ok
18:42mshalwe moved a lot of stuff out of make check to other tasks, but not that yet (IIRC because parts of it require configure)
18:46tedi thought ahal had split out some of the python tests on linux?
18:51mshalyeah, looks like mozbase and a few other ones. The &quot;default&quot; subsuite is still run as part of make check though, which includes the mozbuild tests
18:56tedwell since we don&#39;t have those running on anything but linux, we can&#39;t totally remove them yet
18:57tedi guess we could hack things so they don&#39;t run in make check on linux
19:01mshalnot sure I follow - what would be disabling in make check on linux?
22:29RyanVMgps: thanks for the review, I&#39;ll work on it a bit more over the weekend
22:30gpsRyanVM: please don&#39;t work over the weekend
20 May 2017
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