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19 Mar 2017
09:46SingingTreeI've been having some issues pulling on Windows with hg 4+. Seeing a lot of "stream ended unexpectedly" problems. Anyone else run into this/know if it's a known problem? I ended up reverting to mercurial 3.9.2, which didn't seem to suffer the same fate
09:47AryxSingingTree: sounds worth a bug
09:49Aryxif you did, can you please tell me the bug number? switch to 4.1.1 two days ago and had hangs on the merges yesterday (pushes went through, console stuck)
09:49SingingTreeAryx: Will do. This is a new one for me, any recommendation about product component to raise the issue under?
09:50Aryxyou are on Linux?
09:51Aryxdo you use the new MozillaBuild prerelease version or did you update mercurial separately?
09:51SingingTreeSeparate update via pip
09:53Aryxuse Developer Services::Mercurial:
10:05firebotBug 1348637 NEW, Pulling fails with stream ended unexpectedly
18:51deb_bymach build on comm-central (after cloning it and running the python script) is giving me errors
18:51deb_bycan someone tell me what to do
22:03ajahave we a sheriff today?
22:03Aryxaja: hi
22:04ajaAryx: seeing some interesting crashes with aurora
22:05ajatelemetry-related startup and shutdown hang crashes
22:06ajaunknown if directly related to bug 1334617 or not, but it's suspect
22:06firebot FIXED, Consider making FX_URLBAR_SELECTED_RESULT_TYPE opt-out
22:09Aryxaja: the graphs look unchanged
22:10ajadidn't see these crashes yesterday, though, with opt build that contained aforementioned bug fix (and preload list changes))
22:11ajaupdated to aurora nightly, and got the crashes
22:11Aryxthe patch for that bug looks unrelated:
22:11ajano clue what diff may be with the clobber
22:13ajai agree, doesn't seem like it would be directly related....but highly coincidental
22:15ajakeep it in mind if you hear of any more occurrences by others
22:43ajaAryx: filed 1348698 (just in case)
22:43Aryxthank you
22:44ajabug 1348698
22:44firebot UNCONFIRMED, possibly telemetry-related shutdown and startup crashes with 2017-03-19 aurora (54) nightly
20 Mar 2017
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