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18 May 2017
00:20tedrillian: i don't know offhand, assemblers are weird in our build system
00:39RyanVMted: ugh, I finally managed to get the VS path detection stuff working, but now I can't seem to get the file list to editbin in a format it likes :(
00:39RyanVMcan rebase them one by one without issue, but I don't think that's the right thing to do
01:10RyanVMgps: ping
01:10gpsRyanVM: (autoresponse) naked ping detected. Please read then consider asking a question with your ping.
01:11RyanVMgps: I'm trying to figure out how to debug how my editbin invocation is going wrong when I call it from python - I'm wondering if it's issues with strings or something but I'm having a hard time figure out how to get the *exact* command line being sent to editbin along the way
01:11RyanVMwhen I dump the file list into a string and manually invoke editbin with it, everything works as expected
01:12RyanVMbut from python, i get a "non-zero exit status 1104" failure that appears to correspond to being unable to find the file
01:21RyanVMI have this bad feeling it's going to be some silly string encoding issue
03:36Silne30glandium: git pull
04:34glandiumSilne30: you'll have to be more specific :)
04:43Silne30Ok. I checked out the branch for mozilla/beta and had it tracking locally.
04:44Silne30Then I try git fetch or git pull and either command just sits there for hours.
04:44glandiumSilne30: what does your .git/config look like?
04:51Silne30Give me a sec.
13:10RyanVMmwahaha, finally figured out the editbin issues
13:10RyanVMprotip: trying to pass in a string of files as a single arg instead of each file as their own arg each = gonna have a bad time
13:11RyanVMted: I officially have a fully self-contained that can package MozillaBuild on my regular machine :D
13:12tedRyanVM: wow, nice
13:15Silne30glandium: Here it is. Sorry. Fell asleep at the computer.
16:22* gps assumes RyanVM's ping got resolved
16:23RyanVMgps: I was passing the list of files as a single arg instead of each as a separate one
22:25gandalfso, MozBuild 2.2.0 installs with hg 3.7.3, but firefoxtree requires 3.8
22:25gandalfwhat's the workaround?
22:30Aryxgandalf: |pip install -U mercurial|
19 May 2017
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