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18 Mar 2017
02:10lenikHello. Quick question: is it okay for the directory /root/.mozbuild to be located in root's home directory or should I switch it to the normal user?
02:14hashharI think it is sourced, meaning that the shell will run that file. So unless you are running mach with root privileges I don't think it matters.
02:14hashharBut consult some expert too.
02:15tedas a matter of course, i would not recommend building firefox as root
02:18lenikted: but the script's privileges require root.
02:19lenikLike all the apt-get update stuff for example.
02:19tedit ought to prompt you to run those bits under `sudo`
02:21lenikWell unfortunately I'm one of those bad users who doesn't have sudo. I just su to root when I need the privileges.
07:30geekodour08Hello, my thunderbird build is failing because of this, I was using CC=gcc then i tried using g++ because it seemed it's doing something with a cpp file and for python 2.7 virtualenv then I tried removing virtualenv. no difference.
08:01geekodour08better version of the paste:
19 Mar 2017
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