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18 Apr 2017
17:10rillianwhere do new configure switches for optional code go?
17:11froydnjrillian: probably toolkit/moz.configure (?)
17:28rillianfroydnj: looks like. thanks!
20:27* philor stares blankly
20:27philorwhere's the actual warning in ?
20:29philoroh, ffs, *after* instead of before, that's far too hard for me to figure out
20:30froydnjphilor: if we make things difficult for you, maybe you'll stop backing our patches out!
20:30philorI will!
20:31* philor fails to mention that the method will be "closed trees gather no patches that need to be backed out"
20:32philorand I sure don't think I'm going to understand why those destructors never return on beta, but return on central, unless it's that we don't care about warnings in there on central
20:36froydnjphilor: , I think
20:37philorah, that I almost do understand
21:36glandiumted: do you think you could review 1356927 and 1356929 today?
21:58tedglandium: maybe but i can't promise, if you really need it reviewed ask gps or chmanchester
22:15gpsyay - spidermonkey is beating out Core :: Build Config for most untriaged component
23:21glandiumhuh, clang-cl doesn't like exceptions
19 Apr 2017
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