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17 Mar 2017
17:18tedmshal: i believe a.hal is on paternity leave
17:20mshalted: is it easy to switch mozlog to use our in-tree version? I wasn't sure if that would break the test harnesses somehow
17:21tedmshal: dunno! depends on what version we have in-tree, presumably
17:21tedi think the only thing we use the in-tree blessings for is mach's pretty output
17:21mshalit is the minimum version that mozlog says it requires (1.3)
17:21tedso we could probably just update it if need be
17:21tedthen i'd suggest just fiddling things to use the in-tree copy
17:21tedhowever that works out
18:03jwattI'm trying to build on mac using a prebuilt clang from
18:03jwattin my mozconfig I set CC and CXX to the binaries in the extracted dir
18:04jwattbut when I build I get "ld: library not found for -lcrt1.10.6.o" when running the "checking whether the C compiler" step
18:05jwattcrt1.10.6.o exists at /Applications/
18:05jwattis there somewhere where it's documented what you need to set in your .mozconfig if you mess with CC/CXX?
18:05jwattbecause I don't see it
18:09tedi assume this is just because the clang apple ships knows where to find the SDK by default, and binaries don't?
18:09tedyou probably just need --with-macosx-sdk=...
18:09ted--with-macos-sdk, rather
18:10jwattyeah, I tried that but it didn't help
18:13tedyou can look at $objdir/config.log to see exactly how it's invoking clang
18:13tedand you can try running the same command manually with -v to see what clang is trying to do
18:14jwattnice, thanks
18:17tedthis certainly seems like a use case that ought to work
18:17tedi think other people have built using clang from homebrew
19:29tedi wonder if anyone has ever filed a ticket with microsoft asking for them to implement -MD etc support for MSVC
19:29tedto generate dependency files
19:30mshalwhat do we do now?
19:31tedparse the output of -showIncludes
19:31tedin either or sccache
19:31tedit's awful
19:31tednot least of which because -showIncludes output includes a *localized* string prefix
19:55tedcan't hurt, right:
20:01froydnjwe certainly declare js/src early in the DIRS list in
20:01froydnjbut I *never* see js files start building that early
20:01froydnjmaybe one does, but it takes so long to build that the build queue is already flooded with files from other directories?
20:03tedi dunno!
20:04tedas i mentioned on the thread the specifics of how stuff gets compiled is not something i understand these days
20:04tedso maybe there's something we could tweak to make that better?
20:05tedrelated: I should probably sit down and learn how that works at some point, eh
20:05froydnjted: and you call yourself a build peer :p
20:06tedi know, right?
20:24ajasounds like a good opportunity to update build docs
20:24* aja ducks
20:25tedbut also yeah
20:38KWiersobuild... ducks?
20:50froydnjthe mozilla duck, like the trojan horse
20:58aja"Why a duck, why a no chicken?"
21:14chmanchesterbug 1262241 seems to be where we took a stab at that
21:14firebot NEW, Prioritize js/src in make directory traversal list
18 Mar 2017
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