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16 May 2017
10:02sousmangoostathx for your answer glandium
18:00tedfroydnj: does rust compilation happen in the compile tier, do you know?
18:01froydnjted: pretty sure, yes
18:02_6a68hey all, I can't seem to get beta artifact builds to work on linux
18:02_6a68I'm getting "tried 48 pushheads, no built artifacts found"
18:02_6a68Is this a known issue?
18:03nalexander_6a68: explain what you're doing? You have a mozilla-beta check out locally, and it has the applied, and you're pushing to try and not getting an artifact build?
18:03nalexander_6a68: can you link the try build, please?
18:03_6a68nalexander: actually, I have a local copy of beta, and I'm trying to build it locally using an artifact build
18:03_6a68that python file fix seems to be already applied
18:03nalexander_6a68: okay. OS X?
18:04nalexander_6a68: can you pastebin the output of |mach artifact install| please?
18:04_6a68nalexander: I did ./mach build
18:04_6a68I can try mach artifact install, one sec
18:04nalexander_6a68: aye, the |mach artifact install| is a sub-part of mach build. Easier to get the output for it.
18:04_6a68 one moment
18:07_6a68nalexander: has the head commit and the mach artifact install failure output
18:07_6a68thanks for your help btw
18:08_6a68hopefully my copy of beta is up to date, it's tracking beta/branches/default/tip in git-cinnabar terms
18:11tedhrmph, doesn't seem like sccache is working for our rust compilation in gecko:
18:11tedguess i'll have to dive into that
18:12nalexander_6a68: can you try |mach artifact install --verbose|? I think that'll say more about what we're trying.
18:13_6a68sure, one sec
18:19_6a68nalexander: not much more data, sadly:
18:19nalexander_6a68: lots more! hg revisions (thankfully I wrote verbose logs!) and also the routes we're searching for in the Task Cluster index. Let me read a little more.
18:20_6a68thank you
18:21nalexander_6a68: if you look at the relevant push, it looks like there's no Linux x64 opt build job:
18:21nalexanderThere's an N build job, maybe that's supposed to be indexing.
18:22_6a68nalexander: hmm, should I checkout HEAD~1 then?
18:22nalexanderNo, it looks like there are no build jobs with the right index. Digging in a little.
18:22_6a68oh, cool, thank you
18:28nalexander_6a68: huh, no linux64-opt in
18:28nalexanderI don't understand why we're building all sorts, but not that on beta.
18:28_6a68so the artifact build is failing because there are no artifacts available :-)
18:29nalexander_6a68: correct, the question is why not.
18:29_6a68nalexander: cool, for me, it's just as good to switch to a windows build at this point
18:30_6a68but I guess I helped you discover a bug, so, yay?
18:30nalexander_6a68: maybe. Hard to say what's going on in the releng world :)
18:30_6a68thanks again for the help
18:31nalexanderdustinm`: you around? Who can help me understand what jobs are supposed to be getting indexed, and how that stuff evolves?
18:32nalexander_6a68: it looks like beta pushes aren't triggering linux-x64-opt jobs. I can't say why not.
18:37nalexanderchmanchester: hey, does even look like an artifact build to you? I see gcc invocations in the log.
18:43nalexander_6a68: is your issue. No idea what changed.
18:43firebotBug 1361205 NEW, index.gecko.v2.mozilla-beta.latest.firefox.linux64-opt is pointing to a stale buildbot build
18:46_6a68nalexander: thanks!
19:17dminornalexander: ping, I have a question about android builds. I'm working on updating code. I've added a new .java file to wrjar.sources in mobile/android/base/ and the "normal" build works fine, but the various lint jobs, e.g. checkstyle all fail to build, complaining that the new file is missing.
19:17dminorI'm guessing I have to add it somewhere else, but I'm not finding it on my own :)
19:18nalexanderdminor: reading.
19:18nalexanderdminor: OK, I expect you need to add the relevant directory here:
19:19dminornalexander: thanks!
19:19nalexanderdminor: does that seem plausible? I expect your file isn't in one of the existing paths. This is all just working around the unorthodox Fennec + WebRTC code layout.
19:19nalexanderdminor: you can run the tests locally to verify; try ...
19:20nalexanderdminor: ./mach gradle app:lint
19:21nalexanderdminor: you can find the other invocations in the .py files sibling to
19:21dminornalexander: thanks, it turns out my files are already in that exclusion list, is it possible it is still trying to build them even if it skips linting them?
19:23nalexanderdminor: that's an inclusion list. And yes, you can try building with something like |./mach gradle app:assembleOfficialAustralisRelease|
19:23dminoroh, inclusion, gotcha :)
19:23nalexanderdminor: but what you're seeing is a failure to build before linting, caused by some missing symbols between files included and files presumbly not correctly included.
19:26chmanchesternalexander: nope, that's pointing to the usual beta mozconfig for some reason
19:27nalexanderchmanchester: would you mind filing the ticket? I don't know that setup and I'm underwater with a bunch of Android and Mentat stuff right now.
19:38dminornalexander: thanks for the help, appears to all work now :)
19:38nalexanderdminor: \o/
19:40dmajorted: is there a mach command to zip up all my .pdb's for transport to a VM?
19:40teddmajor: no, the best you could do is `mach buildsymbols` but that does a fair bit of extra work
19:41dmajoreh screw it, I really just need mozglue.pdb, I'll move it by hand :)
19:41tedprobably better off just using some find $objdir -name '*.pdb' | xargs tar ...
19:45bhearsumhow do i make ./mach task-graph work locally? i'm running it with a virtualenv activated that has "taskcluster" + deps installed, but it complains about not being able to find the "taskcluster" module
19:49dmajorted: also, is there a way to include in `mach package` all the api-foo.dll's I need?
19:49dmajor(for Win7)
19:49teddmajor: yeah, you need to set WIN32_REDIST_DIR
19:49tedcheck the in-tree mozconfigs
19:50dmajorted: oh cool, thanks
19:53sousmangoostamshal : ping !
19:53sousmangoostamshal : thx for your answer
19:53mshalsousmangoosta: sure thing
19:54mshaldo you mind updating those other spots too?
19:54sousmangoostais it better to do it on mom-central or beta or both ?
19:55mshalusually land on m-c first, and assuming there's no problems then we can uplift it to beta and such
19:55sousmangoostaok thx mshal :-)
19:56mshalnp - thanks for fixing it!
20:00sousmangoostaI sent the new one mshal, is it ok ?
20:03mshalsousmangoosta: oh, I think the quoting issue only applies to $(UNPACKAGE), not $(MOZ_PKG_DIR)
20:04mshalI'm not sure if MOZ_PKG_DIR ever has spaces in it, but it doesn't have quotes in it like UNPACKAGE does
20:04mshal(I think it's normally just "firefox")
20:05sousmangoostaand there was no single quote for MOZ_PKG_DIR before
20:05sousmangoostado you want I restore them ?
20:06mshalyeah, looks like most other places don't have quotes around MOZ_PKG_DIR
20:06mshalnah we can leave them off
20:53gandalfgps: no response in a week on :(
20:54gpsgandalf: i just pinged someone at facebook to take a look
20:55gandalfthank you!
21:28gpsgandalf: apparently he is working on a fix!
21:30gandalfyay! :D
17 May 2017
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