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15 Jul 2017
01:11gpsi wonder how much time we're wasting from tooltool's single-threaded network, hashing, and decompression I/O
01:14gpsalso, the fact that it blows away the uncompressed files then re-creates them
01:14gpseven if we use tc artifacts instead of tooltool, we still have that problem
01:15gpsand of course solving it is reinventing version control
01:31Callek_cloud9gps: I have the mindset that we can do tooltool stuff as essentially docker image additions at some point (when we can do FROM <> for our in tree docker images)
01:31Callek_cloud9so then, for example, we can put the OSX toolchain on a docker image that we cache (and can update from a toolchain task, then a docker image that deps on toolchain)
01:32Callek_cloud9thats a rough blue-sky mindset right now, and has a lot of dependencies conceptually (including convincing others its a good idea)
02:10gpshmmm, that&#39;s an interesting idea
02:11gpsi do worry about the overhead from generating and juggling more docker images
02:11gpsbut there is a nice elegance to that solution
16 Jul 2017
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