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15 Apr 2017
00:54gpsglandium: wat
00:55gpslet me find a desk to bang my head on
00:56gpsthat's a P1 bug since we're shipping from taskcluster and some warnings could be alerting for potential security bugs
03:34glandiumgps: only "obscure" builds are actually affected. Spidermonkey standalone ones
18:02philorwhat is causing to have MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER set?
18:10philorthat's Android in an aurora-as-beta try push, so on top of the -> aurora removal of ac_add_options --enable-profiling
18:12* philor considers
19:19philorapparently not
21:23glandiumphilor: did you change the version number?
21:24philorglandium: yep
21:25glandiumphilor: heh, MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER has nothing to do with --enable-profiling
21:25philormy debugging technique is to just keep looking at things I don't understand until they all melt together
21:30philorokay, so it means "we're on mac or win, or linux-not-arm or android-arm-or-x86", and none of those are true on beta?
21:31glandiumphilor: ? that build is android-arm, right? so it's true
21:31glandiumthus MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER is defined
21:31glandiumthe simple answer is MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER is always enabled on tier-1 builds
21:32philoroh, *on 54+*
21:33philorI was trying to compare my 54-as-beta-pushed-to-try to actual current beta
21:34philornot surprisingly, moz_gecko_profiler, which doesn't appear in that tree according to dxr, isn't defined in actual current beta builds
21:35glandiumyeah, but 1333296 renamed all that
21:40philorupside: that means test_TelemetryModules.js really will be broken on beta on Monday, I'm not just crying wolf
21:41philordownside: I still haven't got a clue why
16 Apr 2017
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