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12 Sep 2017
00:37gpsbug 1386876 landing makes me super happy. great work chmanchester!
00:38firebot NEW, Implement STL_FLAGS and VISIBILITY_FLAGS as templates in
00:38gpsalternate build backends are getting closer and closer
00:38chmanchesterthanks, it's certainly a step in the right direction!
00:39gpsthe gnarly part will be factoring more of the logic from into python
00:40gpsi remember trying to do that once and reading the make logic was... not fun
00:40gpsmainly because you have to audit for every variable you remove to make sure it isn't referenced elsewhere
01:01tedas i'm hacking things to try to get more parts working in WSL i am having to touch bits of {config,rules}.mk and i wish it was all in python already
10:17tedthe GNU folks are at it again
11:49glandiumted: that's rather old. I've never seen it actually used, though.
11:49glandium"old" as in since version 4.0
12:20noxWent out at the same time as make -O, which is pretty nice.
13:00tedglandium: yeah, i guess i just haven't read the gmake manual cover-to-cover in a while :-P
13:00tedi can't imagine anyone is clamoring for a way to make their makefiles even more complex
13:00tedbut what do i know
13:13glandiumted: note, there's even worse than guile:
13:13ted /mnt/c/build/mozilla-central/testing/mozbase/mozsystemmonitor/mozsystemmonitor/ UserWarning: psutil failed to run: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/proc/partitions'
13:13tedpsutil is not happy about WSL
13:14tedglandium: wow
13:14tedi guess on the plus side we could use that to make shit less awful?
13:14tedbut we'd have to build native objects to load
13:15tedeven better
13:15tedyou can have your makefile rebuild the shared libraries that make is going to load!
13:17glandiuminterestingly, while that load feature was describe in a blog post about the make 4.0 release ( it was not in the release notes
14:10tedi think i got the bulk of things fixed under WSL
14:10* ted corsses fingers
14:10tedcrosses, even
14:10tedlots of C++ compilation works, linking some of the first binaries works
14:19tedhah, broken by shell quoting!
14:20tedpretty sure i added those defines originally, naturally
14:20ted(but maybe not in form)
14:26tedyou get surprisingly far into a build before you have to build any UNIFIED_SOURCES
14:26ted(also i hadn't fixed that code to use windows paths when generating unified sources)
14:43froydnjted: you mean, "you get surprisingly far into a build before we start doing useful work"? :)
15:46jkratzerDoes anyone have a simple mozconfig for compile debug builds on ubuntu?
15:47nalexanderjkratzer: just `--enable-application=browser` and `--enable-debug` and `--disable-optimize` maybe
15:48jkratzernalexander: do you know if crashreporter is enabled by default?
15:48nalexanderjkratzer: start cherry-picking bits of
15:49nalexanderjkratzer: I don't really know, but based on it should be.
15:49jkratzerthanks nalexander
15:54tedfroydnj: hah!
15:54tedfroydnj: yeah, i guess there's a lot of junk that gets built at the top
16:54nalexanderted: I think that's the build system motto: "a lot of junk that gets built at the top"
18:26tedgps: I chuckled at "Can we run a package repository that we just dont update frequently?" given today's pip bustage on buildbot
18:34gpsted: i may have pointed that out to arr in another channel :)
18:35tednice of pip to make backwards-incompatible changes
18:35tedit's not like it's a critical part of python packaging
18:39mib_cfkqhnhi im trying to build firefox 54.0.1 on windows, ive been following however, i got to mach bootstrap but that command is crashing. here's the output is there anyone that can help?
18:54jkratzerHi all - I'm trying to build a debug version of firefox on ubuntu 16.04. However config is failed when trying to find freetype. I've updated the PKG_CONFIG_PATH however mach still fails -
18:54jkratzerany suggestions?
18:57jkratzermib_cfkqhn: have you installed rust?
18:58mib_cfkqhnjkratzer: thanks someone in another channel already helped out
20:05mib_cfkqhnhi im trying to build firefox 54.0.1, but when i run mach build i get an error saying it cant find the C compiler, cl appears to be available in developer command prompt for vs 2017 but not in the terminal window opened by start-shell.bat
20:22tedmib_cfkqhn: what version of MSVC are you using?
20:23tedmib_cfkqhn: oh, 2017
20:23tedmib_cfkqhn: the changes to detect 2017 automatically didn't land for 54
20:23tedyou'll want to use 2015
20:23tedthat change is in 55:
20:24mib_cfkqhni see thank you
22:16gandalfted: two questions. I have the following mozconfig:
22:16gandalf1) where can I find docs on how to migrate it to sccache?
22:17gandalf2) is there a way for me to set -j4 for when I'm not plugged into icecream network and -j60 when I am?
22:17gandalf(or just not set the option when I'm not in icecream network and let the config guess automatically)
22:26nalexandergandalf: rillian may be able to point you at additional docs.
13 Sep 2017
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