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12 Jul 2017
17:19ahalnot even sure this is the right channel, but is there any way we can make sm-pkg suck less?
17:19ahalgetting backed out for adding completely irrelevant files sucks, and seems to happen a lot
17:25Aryxsorry ahal
17:26ahalAryx: heh, it's not your fault
17:26ahalI guess at the very least maybe we can get it to run on try anytime any of the files it copies over are modified
17:38ahalI filed bug 1380383 for this
17:38firebot NEW, Prevent sm-pkg from failing anytime it can't find some random unrelated file
20:13catleeanybody know much about windows executable file formats?
20:13catleeis the only thing to consider on Windows?
21:02dmajorcatlee: is there a specific thing you're looking into?
21:03dmajorand yes, all binaries on recent windows are PE
21:03catleedmajor: I'm writing a function to test if an executable is signed
21:04glandiumfor some value of recent that is what, 20 years+ ?
21:04catleeOk, that simplifies things
21:05catleeThe code we're currently using takes 1.5gb to check if xul.dll is signed
21:05dmajorcatlee: do you care whether the signature is valid?
21:05dmajorheh, I suppose that makes your job easier
21:06catleeBasically, do I need to know if a binary needs signing
21:10catleeThat code works with all the binaries I've thrown at it
22:16gpsomg the build system has a that writes a JSON file using a combination of printf and make functions
22:25glandiumgps: welcome to l10n
22:27gpsi basically threw in the flag on the l10n review i just did
22:32glandiumgps: wanna see something ridiculous?
22:32glandiumhopefully the link works
22:32gpsit doesn't
22:32glandiumsigh ?
22:33glandiumthen click download to be able to see it
22:37rillianglandium: wheee!
22:38gpsglandium: ouch
22:38glandiumbug 1380321 should allow style and geckoservo to be cached
22:38firebot NEW, gkrust and gkrust-gtest are not built in parallel
22:39glandiumerr, no, bug 1380327
22:39firebot NEW, is not generated deterministically
22:39glandiumand 1380321 for the serialization of gkrust and gkrust-gtest
22:39glandiumrillian: want to take that one? ^
22:41glandiumthat timeline is for a build that /should/ have 100% cache hit but doesn't, fwiw
22:41glandiumon mac
22:42glandiumanother subtle thing that appears there is (and is not rust related):
22:43glandiumnsAppRunner.o is also taking a ridiculous amount of time to build, just because it depends on the buildid... which feels like we should move the buildid to a separate object file that only contains that
22:46glandiumjust got a cross-osx build in 9 minutes
22:46glandiumwith no cache miss on webrender, wtf
22:48rillianglandium: that was a pretty small change to support objC!
22:48glandiumrillian: well, I still need to verify it
22:48glandiumbut it should work
22:49glandiumI tried to build sccache locally, but that build doesn't work on automation because of the dependency on system libssl
22:49rillianI'll look at 1380321 if I have time, but I have av1 stuff to do this week and am away next week.
22:50glandium this is how it looks with 1380327 fixed
22:50glandium(although there's still some issue about webrender getting cache misses sometimes)
23:25glandiumand with webrender getting a cache miss:
23:52glandiumgps: servo landings should trigger all builds now, shouldn't they? (they only trigger linux)
13 Jul 2017
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