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12 Aug 2017
03:48glandiumgps: there are still more than 6k heads :(
11:16Caspy7so, saw that Chrome got a notable speed bump by switching to Clang (from GCC?) and was wondering what Firefox is using
11:16Caspy7and if not Clang would that be a benefit?
11:16froydnjCaspy7: people have been talking about this for a long time
11:17Caspy7oh, ok
11:17Caspy7did I stumble into a contentious issue? :)
11:17Caspy7I assume then that Firefox is using gcc
11:19froydnjfirefox uses gcc on linux, clang on mac, and msvc on windows
11:20Caspy7froydnj: I assume there are some drawbacks to switching to Clang on Windows? Would it be faster as Chrome experience? Were they using MSVC?
11:28Caspy7sorry, maybe it's not the best time to ask
11:28Caspy7or the right channel
11:45froydnjCaspy7: they were using MSVC
11:45froydnjCaspy7: they wouldn't have switched if they didn't feel the drawbacks were worth it, but they are seeing some performance regressions
11:47Caspy7I see
11:50Caspy7froydnj: it just came on my radar from the 3rd graphic on this post
11:50Caspy7showing that speedometer 2 got a significant bump for Chrome by simply switching to Clang
11:50Caspy7we were actually getting pretty close to them in comparison :P
11:51Caspy7looks like it's going to be much more difficult to reach parity now
11:52Caspy7anyway, if Chrome has switched because they judged that the pros outweighed the cons, then I wonder if it's time to revisit the topic
11:52Caspy7(or maybe it's already been revisited recently and judged not worth it)
12:05Caspy7est31: sorry, you replied to me here and not in #build , threw me off. See the 3rd graphic at The post says this is when Chrome switched to Clang
12:05Caspy7gah, I'm still half asleep, apologies for the wrong channel
12:07Caspy7hm, maybe it's just win32
12:07Caspy7"The situation on Win32 is a bit worse, due to Chromes recent switch to use clang-cl on Windows instead of MSVC which gave them an around 30% speed boost on the 32-bit Speedometer score"
12:09Caspy7I suppose then it may not matter as much as we're transitioning the majority over to x64
12:22Caspy7I suppose one question, which I haven't looked into, is if Chrome switched to Clang on x64 as well
12:23Caspy7I don't see any notable difference on the benchmark numbers for it (the graph above the 32 bit one)
12:43froydnjCaspy7: this has not gone unnoticed, and people are talking about whether we should switch
12:44Caspy7froydnj: cool cool, glad to know it's on the radar. Thanks.
13 Aug 2017
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