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11 Sep 2017
15:27tedif you create symlinks in WSL, windows apps can't access them :-(
15:28tedso we can't create symlinks for like headers in dist/include
16:07tedso i guess process_install_manifest --no-symlinks doesn't actually work?
16:08tedor alternately we run those when we create the build backend?
16:09tedoh, looks like something runs it before the build runs
16:13tedoh, it's the fastermake backend, i guess
16:34tedwell C++ compilation seems to sorta work
16:34tedalthough make-stl-wrappers was broken and i only just notice
16:34tedbut also doesn't work yet
19:25Callek_cloud9ted: thats a lot of promising stuff at least
19:25* Callek_cloud9 wonders if WSL can do windows junctions as a metaphor for hardlinks though
19:33gpsted: there are patches somewhere to rewrite
19:34gpsbug 1116553
19:34firebot NEW, Rewrite in Python
19:55gandalfCallek_cloud9: should I expect to have a pushlog?
19:55gandalfif I clone it after enabling pushlog extension?
19:56Callek_cloud9gandalf: local pushlog isn't a thing we should expect imo
19:56Callek_cloud9but gps would be the person I'd ping for questions on how that may work if you want to go down that route
19:56gandalfCallek_cloud9: does our automation use pushlog?
19:57Callek_cloud9but it does exist remotely on
19:57Callek_cloud9gandalf: Buildbot at least uses the pushlog in a polling fashion to trigger jobs
19:57gandalfI'd like to consider fallback of 1) local pushlog, 2) remote pushlog, 3) commit timestamp, 4) build timestamp
19:57Callek_cloud9I'm not sure if anything uses pushlog *after* triggering happens though
19:58Callek_cloud9gandalf: I'd go with build timestamp ahead of commit timestamp personally, since commit timestamp can vary wildly and I'm not eager to have us support it
19:58gandalfgps: I'm trying to activate a pushlog extension locally (mercurial 4.3.1) and I got to the point where verifypushlog works, but `hg pushlog` doesn't
19:58tedgps: i know, they're in my review queue, ha ha
19:58gandalfgps: any lead on why it may be?
19:58gandalfCallek_cloud9: ok! thanks. Then we can remove commit timestamp, because we'll always have build timestamp :)
19:58gpsgandalf: the `pushlog` extension requires the local repo match the source repo *exactly*
19:58Callek_cloud9gps: for your big picture view, this is re:
19:58tedactually, it's not version_win that's broken, it's just the invocation of rc.exe
19:59firebotBug 1395459 ASSIGNED, When building webext-langpack pick up language version from the VCS if possible
19:59gpsif you have local changes, pushlog replication will break
19:59gandalfgps: no, I don't. I enabled the extension and cloned
19:59tedso that's simpler
19:59gandalfgps: that's what I see:
20:00gandalfis there a chance that pushlog doesn't register commands in mercurial 4.3.1?
20:00gpsthe pushlog extension doesn't register a "pushlog" command
20:00gpsinstead, pushlog data is available via revsets and templates
20:01gpssee test-revset.t and test-template.t and hgext/pushlog/tests/
20:01tedthat reminds me, i have a patch that does add a "pushes" command
20:01gpsthe pushlog extension isn't meant to be user-facing, which is why the docs aren't great
20:01tedi need to figure out how to write a useful test
20:01gandalfhow can I retrieve the push timestamp then?
20:01tedi'd like to revive my makefiles stats script
20:02gpsgandalf: the JSON API
20:02tedbut i'm not sure i want it to be running as a cron job on my local machine as it was before
20:02ted(mostly because i can't upload the results to people anymore)
20:02gandalfwhich won't work offline, right?
20:03gandalfok, that's fine for now
20:03gpsas long as you don't mutate the repo, using hte pushlog extension on the client will work
20:03gpsor pull from multiple upstreams
20:03gandalfwhy would I need the pushlog extension on the client then?
20:03gandalfI can just take a commit id and query, right?
20:03gpsif you have internet access, yes
20:04gpspylib/mozautomation is a python package with utility functions
20:04gpsthere is code in there for querying pushlog
20:04Callek_cloud9aha, TIL (I didn't know about that one)
20:04gandalfand if I don't, can I do use the pushlog extension on the client to get the pushlog timestamp locally?
20:04gpssee also, which aggregates pushlog from multiple sources into a local sqlite database
20:04gpsthat's what mozext uses
20:05gpstry using the mozext extension?
20:05gpsi need to go to lunch
20:09gandalfthank you for help everyone!
20:12Callek_cloud9gps: ooo hrm -- artifact builds are the only used thing?
20:13Callek_cloud9of course a bit more usage if I remove the python requirement there ;-)
12 Sep 2017
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