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11 Jul 2017
00:16gandalfgps: ping
00:16gpsgandalf: (autoresponse) To ensure a more thorough answer to whatever question you have, please leave some context with your ping in case I do not reply immediately. Read if you want to understand why I'm asking for this.
00:17gandalfgps: catlee called himself out of the review in bug 1362617. I already got :ted's r+ but I had to make a couple changes and would like to get another r= from someone on the build team. Do you know who could unblock me?
00:17firebot ASSIGNED, Generalize MOZ_CHROME_MULTILOCALE to work with Desktop as well
00:20gpsgandalf: i just made an attempt to drive-by review the interdiff, but it isn't trivial. if you want my review, please flag me
00:24gandalfwill do!
00:25* gandalf goes to check gps' review queue to know what he got himself into :)
00:26gpsit was at 0 a few hours ago
00:36gandalfcool! 3rd isn't bad :)
16:07gandalfmshal: hi! ted point you out as the right guy to review the patch in bug 1365440. Would you be willing to take it?
16:07firebot ASSIGNED, Generate webextension language packs
16:24mshalgandalf: sure, I can probably take a look later today
16:25gandalfthank you! :)
17:45Callek_cloud9mshal: ooooo you're back today?
17:46mshalCallek_cloud9: yep! Trying to catch up on all the things
17:46* Callek_cloud9 says ominously
17:46Callek_cloud9mshal: I think I'm going to need help with uploading setup.exe and setup-stub.exe in l10n repacks
17:47Callek_cloud9mshal: greg helped investigate a bit, but we didn't turn up much ... :/
17:47mshalhmm, ok - I can probably look tomorrow. Want to ni? me on a bug?
17:47Callek_cloud9(my in-make debugging attempts are failing me, but my in-mozharness stuff shows they exist)
17:48Callek_cloud9mshal: blocking tier-1 windows taskcluster stuff that we're pushing *hard* on so earlier the better
17:48Callek_cloud9let me look at what greg sent me and then get you a concrete "heres what I tried" and a job to stare at
17:48mshalcool, thanks
17:50Callek_cloud9bah, greg's local run seems to have failed due to (probably) some odd local setup thing
17:50Callek_cloud9(my warning about: l10n sucks to run locally didn't take) afaict)
17:51Callek_cloud9so his run didn't get as far as being useful :/
20:02Callek_cloud9mshal: likelyI won't n-i you today, but expect a ping and maybe a n-i from me in the AM
20:02* Callek_cloud9 bumping against EOD hard...
20:02Callek_cloud9mshal: fwiw, this was my attempt: (I tried l10ngen/... too) and manually ran on
20:03Callek_cloud9mshal: I have had zero luck getting that debugging output actually output though
20:11tjrso we've imported some code (pdfium) with sal annotations: __in, __out, __in_opt, etc
20:11tjrI&#39;d like to add some #define __in <blank> to somewhere so mingw doesn&#39;t choke on these. Where would be the best place?
20:22rilliandmajor: I didn&#39;t realize stylo was a 50% build time regression on Windows. That&#39;s terrible!
20:22rillianI guess it&#39;s similar on my linux machine actually; clobber builds went from ~8 to ~12
20:37dmajorrillian: me neither. I never took a ratio of clobber builds. I just noticed that build binaries got painful (much worse than 50%)
20:38dmajortjr: you mean globally, or within the pdfium tree?
20:39tjrdmajor: Nevermind me actually, I should be able to fix any ocurrances of those in a different (more corrcet) way!
20:44agashlinSorry if this was already reported, I&#39;m having an issue with mach bootstrap on windows, urllib2 is getting a certificate failure when downloading rustup
20:45tjrdmajor: No, I take it back. I think I do need to do something about it.
20:45tjrBut I can talk to Jacek about it because he made the change in mingw that broke it recently
20:48rillianbholley: Do you think the build time issue means we should delay turning stylo on for local developer builds for a few more weeks?
20:50bholleyrillian: well, depends on how much progress we think we&#39;ll make on that issue in the interim
20:50bholleyrillian: windows is the worst, right>
20:50rillianseems to be, but that much just be because people are used in incremental linking there
20:50rillianbut that *could be
20:51rillianand they don&#39;t have icecc
20:51bholleyrillian: I guess my point is that, if we think we know of some reason why it will get better in the next few weeks, holding off might make sense. If we think this is what we&#39;re stuck with, there&#39;s less reason to wait
20:51rillian50% of 40 minutes is really different from 50% of 8 minutes
20:51rillianbholley: oh, I see. No, I don&#39;t expect we&#39;ll solve that beofre 57 ships
20:52rillianat best we
20:52rillianat best we&#39;ll be able to get sscache working better over the next few weeks
20:53bholleyok, then I don&#39;t see much reason to wait. Best to flush out issues sooner than later
20:55rillianok, thaks
21:42agashlinI was able to work around the bootstrap issue, I think, by running rustup update by itself. In any case I can&#39;t reproduce it now.
23:12rillianagashlin: Maybe bootstrap installed a newer python with tls support?
23:12rilliananyway, glad you got it working.
23:15agashlinrillian: seems like a reasonable assumption that python got updated, as earlier I was able to reproduce with a simple test case hitting urllib2 directly, but not any more
23:17rilliandoes visual studio install python these days?
23:21agashlinbeats me, I&#39;m pretty sure it was the one coming from mozbuild, though
23:37rillianI think mozbuild is in that &#39;we want to replace this with something, so we&#39;ve stopped maintaining it&#39; valley.
23:37rillianalthough I heard RyanVM was working on an update for it.
23:38RyanVMlet me unpack that
23:38RyanVMvisual studio for python is completely standalone and won&#39;t interfere with mozillabuild at all
23:39RyanVMand yes, I am working on a new update because the whole &quot;let&#39;s replace it with something else&quot; thing hasn&#39;t exactly gone as planned :P
23:49rilliango go RyanVM!
23:49rillianRyanVM: I was more wondering if we could use the vs python to run
23:50glandiumrillian: try :)
23:50glandiumbut what version is it?
23:58rillianlooks like I don&#39;t vs2017 on my local vm. will have to try it later.
12 Jul 2017
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