mozilla :: #build

27 Jun 2017
17:33dmosehow do i get MozillaBuild on Windows 10 to read my .bash_profile?
17:33dmoseI've tried putting it in C:/Users/dmose/.bash_profile
17:34dmoseand i've tried putting it in /home/dmose/.bash_profile
17:34dmoseno luck in either place
17:34catleewhat does XP refer to in the XP_LINUX / XP_MACOSX definitions
17:35dmose"cross platform"
17:35dmoseholdover from the netscape source
17:36catleeI thought it meant Windows XP
17:36catleeso that define was for code that ran on both Win XP and OSX
17:36catleeseemed a bit odd!
17:36dmosethose macros were written before Windows XP existed, i think
17:41qDotOh yeah that's why I turned off global-smartparens-mode
27 Jun 2017
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