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9 Aug 2017
07:11bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1388642 filed by
07:11bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, UNCONFIRMED , You did not specify a file to attach.
08:13koobsdylan: #6 line 523 ./Bugzilla/ ; Redirecting HTTP->HTTPS on HTTP sites in browse/components
08:13koobsdylan: any idea what thats about?
08:13koobs # GET requests that lacked a list_id are always redirected. POST requests # are only redirected if they're under the CGI_URI_LIMIT though.
08:14koobswe're seeing http -> https redirection even with all ssl configs (redirect/base/etc) turned off
08:14koobsis this expected?
08:14koobsslash intentional?
08:32koobsis there an extension that allows deletion of comments?
08:56wickedkoobs: don't think so but you can hide/private spam comments
08:56wickedkoobs: is that code fragment from BMO or Bugzilla?
08:56bugbotBug 540: Creating/Changing Bugs, enhancement, P4, ---, create-and-change, NEW , Need feature to edit long description/comments
08:57wickedbuovjaga: like you can see from the bug #, it's very very very old request :)
08:57wickedand something that is controversial as some people don't like tampering with history
12:57dylankoobs: what are you trying to achieve?
12:58dylanI see
12:59dylanbug 851267 caused a regression, as I believe $cgi->self_url() is wrong
12:59bugbotBug Extensions, minor, --, Bugzilla 4.4, LpSolit, RESOLVED FIXED, Bugzilla times out when a user has several thousands of votes
13:00dylankoobs: as for comment deletion, yes, there is an extension -- and that functionality is being cored as part of my "BMO is the new upstream" task.
13:14arrowI am trying to create a patch for a bug on bugzilla.I have made the changes locally, but when I am running hg bzexport, "refresh first" message is popping up.Could someone help me on it?
13:15dylanI'd ask in #developers
15:42bugbotNew Creating/Changing Bugs bug 1388776 filed by
15:42bugbotBug Creating/Changing Bugs, normal, --, ---, create-and-change, UNCONFIRMED , Mandatory text boxes should not be hidden by default
10 Aug 2017
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