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7 Sep 2017
12:28cjoy does bugzilla provide a way to dump / inspect the stash of local variables from a TT2 template?
13:24dylanunless you configure it to use the pure-perl stash, you'll only be able to look at specific variables
13:27dylanadd EVAL_PERL => 1 to the TT constructor (in Bugzilla/
13:30dylanthen, if you also pass in STASH = Template::Stash->new (the pure perl stash)
13:30dylanyou should be able to do
13:30dylan[% USE PERL %]
13:30dylan# code to dump $stash to a file
13:30dylan[% END %]
13:30dylannot USE
13:30dylansorry, it's [% PERL %]...[% END %]
14:11cjoydylan: thank you very much
14:15dylanusing [% PERL %] [% END %] is also a super evil way of optimizing slow templates.
21:19ShamNew to this room
21:19Shamhas some inappropriate info
21:20Shamsaying: "Declared variables are created before any code is executed. Undeclared variables do not exist until the code assigning to them is executed."
21:20Shamwhich looks incorrect
21:20ShamCan somebody raise bugzilla ticket?
21:21ShamThanx bye
8 Sep 2017
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