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20 Mar 2017
10:09fflemoncan I report a bug here?
10:14fflemonwhat: DOM highlighting doesn't work when hovering over a node in the inspector tab
10:14fflemonversion: 54.0a2 (2017-03-16) (32-bit), Firefox Developer Edition, Windows 10
10:14fflemonnotes: the import url statement in the CSS seems to be the issue. once removed the highlighting works as expected
10:16fflemonmaybe OS specific, testcase doesn't show the problem on 64bit OSX version
10:27fflemonI've filed the bug
15:54bugbotNew Administration bug 1348875 filed by
15:54bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, ---, administration, NEW , Reset QA owner, set as Triage Owner for some Release Engineering subcomponents requested review from for attachment 8849162 on bug 1345926.
16:42bugbotAttachment text/x-patch, Changes made, diff
16:42bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, UNCONFIRMED , Provide a more informative error message when cpanm is not installed
21 Mar 2017
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