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19 Apr 2017
21:47db`How do I go about reporting about a major bug?
21:48db`Well, I just realised that one could use chrome to import firefox passwords, by by-passing the system of master password.
21:52mstI'm confused. how is this a bug in bugzilla?
21:53db`I'm sorry. Wrong place.
21:53db`I thought bugzilla deals with all mozilla software bugs
21:54mstthis is the channel for the bugzilla software itself
21:54db`my bad.
22:12CGI127Hey all, quick question for you. How do you enable fixed-width font in Bugzilla emails? I just started using a 2.20 installation of Bugzilla and the variable-width font is causing the text to not line up. Tried Googling and couldn't find anything
22:24dylan|afkCGI127: probably the html email preference?
22:26CGI127Are you referring to a user setting or a server config?
22:26CGI127Could you point me to some documentation?
22:56jfearndylan|afk, finally the THBZ5 beta is public!
22:56jfearnlol RHBZ5
20 Apr 2017
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