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18 May 2017
08:18Aliekezhihi, do bugzilla use its own search engine ? Is it possible to use it for another software ?
08:26wickedBugzilla has Perl module that generates it's own searches (incl. QuickSearch "language") into SQL queries
08:26wickedbut I wouldn't call that a "search engine" and it's not usable outside since it's tightly integrated into Bugzilla fields and DB
08:27wickednot usable as is, I guess the concept could be done.. but there might be better generic ones already
09:15Aliekezhiwicked, so a software with the same Perl module would have same search performances ? I really like the fact it's already finding result as you type ^^
12:35AliekezhiIs there a way with bugzilla to remove all fields for the user ?
13:03eseymanAliekezhi: what do you mean by "remove all fields for the user"?
13:45Aliekezhieseyman, I mean keeping only subject and body
13:51eseymanAliekezhi: in the enter_bug form? in the show_bug form? in emails?
14:01Aliekezhieseyman, when opening a new bug
14:01dylanAliekezhi: yes, you can override the form
14:02dylanlook at the create-blah.html.tmpl files here:
14:03dylan1. create a YourCompany extension (you can run extensions/ to do this, or copy extensions/Example)
14:03dylanthen mkdir -p extensions/YourCompany/template/en/defult/bug/create
14:04dylanif you have a file extensions/YourCompany/template/en/defult/bug/create/create-batman.html.tmpl then you can have a custom bug form at enter_bug.cgi?format=batman&product=something
19 May 2017
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