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18 Apr 2017 requested needinfo from justdave@mozilla. com on bug 1002889.
12:01bugbotBug, normal, --, ---, techmessiah, ASSIGNED , Port static content over to WordPress requested needinfo from on bug 159631.
13:27bugbotBug User Interface, minor, --, ---, justinadambaker, NEW , Param('maintainer') should use FILTER html_light in the html templates
17:14camddylan: hey man. I've been chatting with Seban. Have you heard anything about GSoC on your end yet?
17:14camddylan: I mean: Have you heard if you'll have the intern slot for BMO?
17:14dylanI haven't.
17:15dylanwhere would I be hearing that from? mhoye?
17:15camddylan: not sure, tbh... This is my first time doing GSoC. :)
17:15camdBut probably, yeah
17:17dylanI think they sent off the reqs today
17:17dylanor yesterday
18:25eseymanI'm remembering some code reegarding other bugtrackers (an extension?). Does that ring a bell to anybody?
19:43dylanbayoteers one I think
19 Apr 2017
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