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17 Mar 2017
01:03* jfearn kicks file::slurp
08:35bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1348233 filed by
08:35bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, UNCONFIRMED , user creation doesn't accept valid email addresses
09:45Py_monahello bugzilla
09:45Py_monais ther any way with REST API to store the internal ID
09:45Py_monaafter creating a bug
13:25dylan|outIt does not return the bug id?
15:12Py_monadylan: was the question for me ?
15:14dylanPy_mona: yes, so when you use the API to make a bug, what does the response return?
15:14Py_monadylan: it returns the bug-id
15:14Py_monabut i needed the id from the database
15:15Py_monato work with it internally
15:15Py_monais it possible ?
15:16dylanthe bug id is the id from the database
15:18Py_monadylan: woo which means the id 1240155 from this link
15:18bugbotBug 1240155: Treeherder, normal, --, ---, nobody, NEW , If one of the bug suggestions is a duplicate, can we show the bug id of the bug it is a duplicate of?
15:18Py_monais mapped internally in the database
15:18Py_monathat is interesting :)
15:22geekodour08Hi, I was just trying to add this feature( and get familiar with the codebase and I am totally new to this. I have two questions, I don't know perl and the issue is related with a bit of javascript(I know js) and some perl to actually get the comment from the report, so should I learn perl or should i just give up. Secondly, is there any doc to
15:22bugbotBug 841490: User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, NEW , Show a glimpse of a comment as a tool-tip when linkifying "bug X comment Y"
15:22geekodour08guide through the codebase?
15:23dylanPy_mona: I'm not sure I understand the question. :-/
15:24dylangeekodour08: I'd be happy to help.
15:24Py_monadylan: i got it though :)
15:24dylanPy_mona: out of curiosity, what are you working on? are you working on something that talks to bmo or another bugzilla? Just curious.
15:25dylangeekodour08: are you at all familiar with vagrant?
15:25geekodour08yes, I use vagrant often
15:27dylancool. Right now out vagrant setup lives in an unmerged branch of bmo, but I hope sometime next week that I can just say "download bmo's repo and use vagrant"
15:28dylanbut for today, you could download the branch and get a local copy running, and then I could tell you where in the code we do the magic linkify-bug-numbers-and-comments in comment text.
15:28dylanwhich is what would need to be changed for 841490
15:30geekodour08I have the local copy running on my machine. I thought it would just be a matter of tweaking and cleaning of some js files turns out i was totally wrong. I checked every js file inside the "js" dir but could not extract relevant information
15:33dylanoh, you have it running? cool. :-)
15:34dylanI think it needs three pieces. I'll update the bug with my thoughts.
15:36geekodour08that would be great. thanks a lot!
15:50bugbotBug 841490: User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, NEW , Show a glimpse of a comment as a tool-tip when linkifying "bug X comment Y"
15:50dylanthere are some options on how this gets done
15:55bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1348324 filed by
15:55bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, NEW , Add comment number to longdescs
16:20geekodour08@dylan: I'll try doing and understanding all I can and get back to you tomorrow. thanks!
16:44Py_monadylan: nothing that talks to bmo
16:44Py_monait is my own internal application
16:45Py_monajust exploring the options for bugzilla rest API
16:45dylanand you were just using bmo as an example, I get it. :)
16:45Py_mona:D :)
16:45Py_monabye dylan
17:03bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1348339 filed by
17:03bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, NEW , Ensure request cache is always empty at the beginning of a request (from bmo bug 1347335)
20:02wickeddylan: pretty sure that comment id in longdesc bug you filed is a dupe
20:03* dylan shrugs. cancelled needinfo?(matteo.delazzari@ on bug 1341669.
21:16bugbotBug Creating/Changing Bugs, normal, --, ---, dylan, UNCONFIRMED , problem submitting new bug
18 Mar 2017
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