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17 Jul 2017 changed the Status on bug 1381328 from UNCONFIRMED --- to RESOLVED WONTFIX.
00:04bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Mention how to report bugs in the upstream version of bugzilla changed the Resolution on bug 1381328 from WONTFIX to WORKSFORME.
07:25bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Mention how to report bugs in the upstream version of bugzilla
16:19mib_69qaowI have setup my email on Bugzilla 5.0.3. Everyone in our company is getting the emails properly, but every Bugzilla email gets bounced back to me. Note: I am the Admin
16:20mib_69qaowEvery bugzilla email to is assigned to myself gets bounced back with error
16:20dylanbounced by what?
16:20mib_69qaowOur email server. I have the email info in front of me.
16:21dylanis the email server not giving a bounce reason?
16:21mib_69qaowstates "delivery has failed to these receipents or groups?
16:22mib_69qaowOnly thing I can see is the SMTP; 554.5.1.0 Sender deined
16:23mib_69qaowBut the other 25 employees in our company email works just fine
16:26dylanif the sender and receiver are the same -- is that the case? -- maybe the server doesn't like that
16:27mib_69qaowThe sender and receiver are two different email addresses
16:28dylanhmm. I dunno. :-/
16:28dylanit sounds like something in the email configuration (the email server, not bugzilla)
16:29mib_69qaowIf the issue was in the email server, wouldn't the other employees see this issue then also?
16:29dylanit depends on what the issue is. I assume for some reason your email address is special
16:30dylanspecial to the server, that is
16:30mib_69qaowOk, I will take a look at the Admin settings for email and see if there are any discrepancies.
16:31dylanif it is our fault, I'll help fix it
16:31dylanbut it sounds pretty weird.
16:31mib_69qaowOk, I will keep you posted on my results
16:31dylan(that said, I just had a really weird error involving email but it was that my testing VM was 7 days behind the current time)
18 Jul 2017
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