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16 May 2017
14:11eseyman :-(
14:16dylanwhich is pretty much why I want to scrap master and try to get cool shit from BMO and BRC into upstream
14:19eseymanI'm on vacation starting friday. I'll review the release process and see if I have anything to contribute
14:20dylanThanks. :)
14:22eseymannote that I'm not sure how much git integration (which is what Gnome seems to want) we'll get from the rebase
14:23dylanbmo is getting some pretty good *github* integration soonish.
14:24dylanI don't 'spect we can win them back. We have years of technical debt and basically no improvement to the UI.
14:25eseyman"I don't share your optimism about gitlab bug tracking, nor do I share
14:25eseymanin the mentioned frustration with bugzilla."
14:39wickedyeah, I heard Gnome was moving away from Bugzilla :(
14:39wickedwhich means they don't get the services of our awesome bugbot anymore
16:11buovjagadamn.. I wish I had more loose money so I could invest it in BZ improvements
17 May 2017
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