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16 Mar 2017
03:01wickedyou heard it here first, dylan|out really is god. it's now confirmed.
03:01jfearnlittle g god?
04:35jfearnglob, local($., $@, $!, $^E, $?); what is that trying to do?
04:35globjfearn: uh, context?
04:36globor was that an accidental ping? :)
04:36jfearnI thought your tel;epathy would be up to that ;)
04:36jfearn extensions/Push/lib/Connector/ +347
04:38jfearnperlcritic is just complaining about it
04:38globnot sure :) that was, like, 4 years ago
04:39jfearnkk, I just thought it might be something tricky
04:40jfearnI'll just break it open and undef them all
04:40globi agree it smells wrong
04:41globjfearn: ohh
04:41globit's File::Temp
04:41globie. iirc it just lifted the code from file::temp
04:41mtysonwhat do you have to do to get on the a-team?
04:42glob:) there's a story..
04:42jfearnglob, oh copy and paste eh!
04:42globthe "ateam" was the "automation team"
04:43globwhen dkl an i were employed we were put into that team
04:43globbut we needed our own channel, etc, for bmo
04:44globjfearn: you could just delete that connector. i bet you don't use it
04:44mtysonoh, that's not as exciting as I thought it would be.
04:44jfearnyeah no guns or helicopters at all :(
04:46jfearnglob, here is another, extensions/Push/lib/ is not localising $0 and $SIG deliberate?
04:47globjfearn: why would you want to localise $0?
04:47globor $SIG. it's a global signal handler
04:47globperlcritic is nice, but i don't agree with everything it reports
04:48jfearnsure, but when I tell it to shutup I like to add a comment about why I'm doing that so mtyson doesn;t troll me in the code reviews
04:49globah, i suggest "# perlcritic is wrong"
04:49globor "# hush perlcritic, this is fine, this is fine"
04:50mtysonI prefer # shutup perlcritic.
04:50globanyhow, both of those are set and need to remain set for the duration of the process
04:51glob$0 sets the process name in ps, wrapping it in local would be silly
04:51jfearnahh the code just grabs all the magic vars, it doesn't differentiate requested needinfo from koosha.khajeh@gma on bug 841490.
05:19bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, NEW , Show a glimpse of a comment as a tool-tip when linkifying "bug X comment Y"
05:30bugbotNew User Interface bug 1347810 filed by
05:30bugbotBug User Interface, normal, --, ---, ui, UNCONFIRMED , 'Other' option while choosing 'need more information from' makes no sense [commenting on a bug]
09:41bugbotNew Documentation bug 1347864 filed by
09:41bugbotBug Documentation, normal, --, ---, documentation, NEW , Update Windows instructions to include loading mod_version in Apache
09:42bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1347865 filed by
09:42bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, NEW , .htaccess IfVersion stanzas incorrect for Apache 2.4 cancelled needinfo?(koosha.khajeh@gma on bug 841490.
10:04bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, NEW , Show a glimpse of a comment as a tool-tip when linkifying "bug X comment Y"
18:01bugbotNew User Accounts bug 1348014 filed by
18:01bugbotBug User Accounts, normal, --, ---, user-accounts, UNCONFIRMED , Can't delete (no submit) user who hasn't do anything
17 Mar 2017
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