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15 May 2017
08:02bugbotNew WebService bug 1364829 filed by
08:02bugbotBug WebService, normal, --, ---, webservice, UNCONFIRMED , Please clarify XMLRPC add_attachment documentation
13:50aequatio42hey hey :)
13:56dylangood morning :-)
13:59aequatio42evening here ;)
14:00aequatio42so what is the new plan now? :)
14:45dylansame plan, just need to execute on it
14:58eseymandylan: this is the rebase-off-the-5.0-branch plan, right ?
15:01eseymanfwiw, the more I think about it, the less I'm a fan of the idea
15:22bugbotNew Administration bug 1364927 filed by
15:22bugbotBug Administration, trivial, --, ---, administration, UNCONFIRMED , Need to merge two Bugzilla accounts changed the Status on bug 1187279 from ASSIGNED --- to RESOLVED WONTFIX.
21:45bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, minor, --, ---, dylan, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Include backtrace when logging errors
22:41tonymec|awayWhat happened to bugzilla skins at BMO? Gone away, it seems. And they say Mozilla means Choice...
22:44simonask in #bmo. This is upstream Bugzilla.
22:56jfearnthey copied the Red Hat beta and removed all but one, because when you ahve a very small team supporting more than one UI cripples your ability to progress the UI
23:04emceeaichThank you, jfearn, that's more or less it.
16 May 2017
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