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15 Mar 2017
01:51jfearndylan|afk, if you clear the request cache before every request is it still a cache?
05:42mtysonjfearn: there's two caches IIRC, a request cache and a session cache. you'd use the session cache if you wanted the data to survive requests.
13:55smithTrying to enter a bug into the system and click on Submit. A window pops up on top left corner stating "Please fill out this field". System was working fine yesterday with no issues.
14:52Py_monaping bugzilla any one around need help with with create bug rest API
14:54Py_monaI am facing this error while trying to call the create API fro adding a group to the new bug
14:55Py_monahowever i am able to change the group for the same product
14:55Py_monawith web-ui
14:55Py_monaany suggestions on this please
14:55Py_monathis is the error ^^ forgot to paste the link
14:57dylanPy_mona: hey
14:58dylanboth cases of xxxx are the same there, right?
15:00Py_monadylan: checking one more time to be sure
15:01Py_monadylan: the first one is the group name
15:01Py_monaand the second is the product name
15:02Py_monagroup name - for example "mozilla private group"
15:03Py_monaand product name - "Bugzilla"
15:09dylanthe group name won't have spaces in it
15:13Py_monadylan: ohh
15:13Py_monaso what is the correct way to get the group name ?
15:13Py_monaon the doc it says -
15:15Py_monaYou can see valid group names on the Permissions tab of the Preferences screen, or, if you are an administrator, in the Groups control panel.
15:15Py_monaI copied the name from the same pannel
15:20wickeddylan: I don't see spaces been banned in group names.. even though most system groups are spaceless.
15:21Py_monadylan: with no space it worked :)
15:22wickedPy_mona: you used mozillaprivategroup as the group name or.. ?
15:22wickeddid you accidentally first use description and not name?
15:22Py_monawicked: yeah i used accidently the description from the preferences page
15:22Py_monafrom my application
15:22Py_monapreferences -> permisisons
15:23wickedPy_mona: right, makes sense then. awesome that it works now.
15:24Py_monayeah awesome :) cancelled needinfo?( on bug 1346294.
15:26bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, christophe.jaillet, UNCONFIRMED , When you try to display only the disabled users, the complete list is returned instead
20:04eseymanwe still on for a meeting tonight, folks?
20:09dylan|outa. I'm sick as a god, b. I can't ever make this wednesday anyway
20:09dylan|outsick as a dog, rather
20:09dylan|out^ proof
16 Mar 2017
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