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14 Jul 2017
00:12bugbotNew User Interface bug 1380888 filed by
00:12bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, UNCONFIRMED , Always use drop down selectors instead of "VERIFY" etc. buttons
00:33bugbotNew Query/Bug List bug 1380892 filed by
00:33bugbotBug Query/Bug List, enhancement, --, ---, query-and-buglist, UNCONFIRMED , Break quicksearch.html#fields off into a separate page
03:07hendryOh, can Bugzilla receive mail onto a comment?
03:09jfearnhendry, yeah
03:13hendryi want to upload media into S3 and attach it to Bugzilla somehow, is that possible?
03:16jfearnhmm maybe you could paste the link in seealso
03:24dylanhendry: it's possible to do this -- BMO has code for this to store attachments in s3, but it isn't in upstream bugzilla yet
03:27hendrydylan: oh so Mozilla's bugzilla is already using S3, but it's not in the bugzilla source yet. Ok!
03:28hendryI see ./Bugzilla/Config/
03:28hendrydylan: does it also have some sort of JSON API? Wonder what the UX is
03:47hendryis there a way to set sender in sendmail to appease the AWS SES gods?
04:00hendryhow do I hookup or set it up ? some procmail rule ?
06:06hendryoh figured out my email woes, need to get unsandboxed
06:06hendryjfearn: see also seems kindof limited
06:11hendrydylan: kindof expected the bmo S3 to implemented as an extension
06:16hendrydylan: so if i want to grab that particular functionality, i think it's quite tricky for me to work out what's needed
06:16hendryi'm thinking of rather perhaps putting URLs in the comment section and trying to get Bugzilla to preview the image
07:11bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1380935 filed by
07:11bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, UNCONFIRMED , created a bug
16:01dylanmst: what's the cheapest way I can get sessions, before migrating to something that can run plack middleware?
20:46bugbotNew Database bug 1381128 filed by
20:46bugbotBug Database, normal, --, ---, database, NEW , Current MDN DB cost estimate
15 Jul 2017
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