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13 Jul 2017
18:34eseymanwicked: ping re wordpress
18:41wickedeseyman: pong?
18:42eseymanwicked: I'm trying to create the missing security advisories in the new website but I don't understand how to go about it
18:42eseymanthese aren't separate pages, right?
18:44eseymanok, those are posts
18:46wickedIIRC, I did them with posts
18:46eseymanok, I get it now
18:46wickedwith correct category they should appear in correct place
18:47wickedand permalink tweaking required too, I believe. you can check an example from already published ones.
18:47wicked(which I bet you are doing, now)
18:52wickedbtw, I think bug 1112437 is what hw migration plans we have done in the past
18:52bugbotBug, normal, --, ---, justdave, NEW , [meta] Bugzilla Project infrastructure reorganization project
18:52wickedthat should be pointed to for gerv
19:01eseymanok, I've done something (please don't hit me)
19:03wickedis it good something or bad something? :D
19:03wickedalthough, any change in wordpress is awesome.. so thank you :D
19:04eseymanit's the most recent security advisory so probably a good thing
19:05eseymanI'll start on the ones that havn't been imported
21:52justdaveoh, you meant those security advisories, not WordPress. :)
21:52* justdave got confused by the email :)
22:56bugbotNew User Interface bug 1380865 filed by
22:56bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, UNCONFIRMED , Rename VERIFIED to FIX_VERIFIED
23:13bugbotNew Documentation bug 1380871 filed by
23:13bugbotBug Documentation, trivial, --, ---, documentation, UNCONFIRMED , quicksearch.html Advanced Shortcuts doesn't mention how to search for closed bugs changed the Status on bug 1380865 from UNCONFIRMED --- to RESOLVED WORKSFORME.
23:14bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Rename VERIFIED to FIX_VERIFIED
23:43bugbotNew User Interface bug 1380884 filed by
23:44bugbotBug User Interface, normal, --, ---, ui, UNCONFIRMED , Add a link "Switch back to the simple entry form"
23:57bugbotNew User Interface bug 1380886 filed by
23:57bugbotBug User Interface, enhancement, --, ---, ui, UNCONFIRMED , Move "Switch to the advanced bug entry form" higher up
14 Jul 2017
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