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13 Aug 2017
08:41RewinddHi Guys
08:41RewinddFirefox 55.0.1 interferes abnormally with the new Latte dock 0.7 on KDE Plasma 5.10.90. With whom I can speak to report the problem ?
17:24ssokolowWhat is the correct place to report a malicious user on the Mozilla instance of Bugzilla?
17:25ssokolow(Specifically, the most recent five (and counting) comment+attachment posts on Bug 237623)
17:25bugbotBug Networking: HTTP, critical, P3, mozilla39, daniel, RESOLVED FIXED, download manager sometimes thinks that incomplete downloads are complete; cannot resume/retry
17:26ssokolow(They all contain gibberish in the comment portion and the first attachment appears to be some kind of "You've been hacked" page)
17:28koheissokolow: add spam tag to those several comments so the user will be automatically disabled
17:29ssokolowI'm not sufficiently privileged to add tags, hence my asking about reporting them.
17:29koheiI just added tags to successfully disable the dude
17:29ssokolow(If this happens again, I want to know the correct course of action for a user of my status)
17:30koheiI think you can just report it to #bmo (instead of #bugzilla) so someone there can handle it, if not weekend
17:31ssokolowNoted. Thanks. :)
17:31koheinp :)
14 Aug 2017
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