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11 Aug 2017
03:21bugbotNew WebService bug 1389372 filed by
03:21bugbotBug WebService, normal, --, ---, webservice, NEW , Create REST endpoint for checking if a user has permission to see a given bug
03:25simonUmm, yeah nah? :)
10:52bugbotNew WebService bug 1389442 filed by
10:52bugbotBug WebService, normal, --, ---, webservice, UNCONFIRMED , Full path disclosure requested needinfo from bughunter5672@gma on bug 1389442.
11:33bugbotBug WebService, normal, --, ---, webservice, UNCONFIRMED , Full path disclosure changed the Status on bug 319140 from ASSIGNED --- to RESOLVED INVALID.
13:32bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, minor, --, ---, dkl, RESOLVED INVALID, Bugzilla shouldn't disclose tracebacks on fatal errors changed the Status on bug 1389017 from UNCONFIRMED --- to RESOLVED INVALID.
14:43bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, RESOLVED INVALID, I am installed bugzilla in our linux based Webspace on AWS. I have configured email with using version 5.0.3 of bugzilla and all things are working rest of Email is.
20:13raffoHello, my Bugzilla 5.0 installation all of a sudden does nothing when you click "Save Changes" after typing a new comment. Does anybody have any suggestion as to how to trouble shoot it?
20:13raffoI've rebooted the server and run the sanity check w/o errors.
20:15dylanweird! What happens when you "Save Changes"?
20:15dylanmaybe it's a hidden required field?
20:23raffoThat was it. Someone made a custom field mandatory and the browser was not alerting the user by highlighting the field.
20:23raffoBy turning off the mandatory flag it started to save comments.
20:24dylanthere's a little bit of CSS you can add to the custom dir to fix that
20:25dylanif you're interested I'll dig it up
20:28raffoNo, don't bother. They'll change the field. I think the problem is caused by the field type, it is a large text block. If it's just a siongle line, the browser jumps and highlights the mandatory field.
12 Aug 2017
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