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10 Aug 2017
08:57bugbotNew Bugzilla-General bug 1389017 filed by
08:57bugbotBug Bugzilla-General, normal, --, ---, general, UNCONFIRMED , I am installed bugzilla in our linux based Webspace on AWS. I have configured email with using version 5.0.3 of bugzilla and all things are working rest of Email is.
10:18pmhahnHi. is there any schedule how long 4.4-x will be maintained?
11:54dylanNot exactly -- it is slated to be not-supported whenever I get around to releases a 5.2 or 6.0.
11:55dylanI'd highly recommend upgrading to 5.0, which is easier for us to support in general.
12:05eseymandylan: do we still have problems getting a release out the door ?
12:09dylanSort of, yeah.
12:10dylanI just need to sitdown this weekend and try to do as much as I can and then request whatever access I don't have.
12:12eseymanif there's anything I can in terms of writing (release notes, changelog, ...) please feel free to ping me
12:14dylanalso, if people here arn't aware of kohei's analysis of global navigation in bugzilla:
12:17koheimore to come :)
12:19dylaneseyman: I have questions about what's needed to do a security release... were you ever party to one of those? can I CC you on a bug?
12:34samgitzilla looks deprecated (at least the repo i found), any alternative?
12:39dylanI don't have anything like that, although perhaps it can be undeprecated? :)
12:54eseymanno, I ever did a security advisory but I'm willing to learn
13:26pmhahndylan: Thanks you for the info.
11 Aug 2017
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