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27 Mar 2017
12:01Py_monadylan: hello
12:11bugbotNew User Interface bug 1350863 filed by
12:11bugbotBug User Interface, normal, --, ---, ui, NEW , Save changes button looks disabled
13:55Aliekezhihi, is it possible to use LDAP accounts into bugzilla ?
13:55Aliekezhi(instead of creating new accounts)
14:00Py_monadylan: the code works for XMLRPC enpoint "python-bugzilla" the problem seems to be only for restapi
14:00dylanAliekezhi: yes, there is ldap support (the accounts will still also exist in a bugzilla table though, but will be added there when they log in)
14:00dylanPy_mona: interesting!
14:00Py_monatried both image and text, it works fine for XMLRPC
14:02Aliekezhidylan, I always about these "parameters"...Where are they supposed to be found ?
14:03dylanlogged in as admin, go to Administration -> Parameters
14:04Aliekezhidylan, ?
14:04dylanwhoever your admin user is
27 Mar 2017
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