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17 Mar 2017
04:03frewsxcvnotriddle: How do I install node dependencies?
04:03frewsxcvfrom the frontend directory
04:04notriddleGo into the bors_frontend directory and run npm install
04:05* notriddle reads the gist, and realizes that won't work
04:08notriddlePatch package.json so it's `../../deps/phoenix`.
04:08notriddleI think it's working on my heroku install because the old deps folder is hanging out in the build cache.
04:13notriddleYup, it's because I hadn't cleaned up the old deps folder in bors_frontend.
04:27frewsxcvCool, seems to work now
04:40frewsxcvnotriddle: Any suggestions where the link should go in the dashboard?
04:43frewsxcvSorry, positionally
04:47notriddleI would think it would go in the Repositories page, since it's essentially an "Add / Remove Repositories" button.
04:48notriddleAbove the list, as a toolbar button.
18 Mar 2017
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