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15 May 2017
00:40mmunnotriddle: out of curiosity, is this your first elixir project?
00:40mmuni've been looking for a reason to learn erlang/elixir :)
00:40notriddleYes, it is.
00:41mmunall the more impressive
00:41notriddle(1) Elixir's a pretty easy language to get started using. (2) Bors has gone through plenty of changes since the first "working" commit.
00:42notriddleThe (ever growing) test harness, plus dialyzer, makes it relatively harmless to refactor.
00:42notriddleThough it's not quite as sound as Rust, it catches real bugs.
00:43mmuni had been following homu and aelita on the side-lines for a while but had trouble getting rolling with those.
00:43mmunbors-ng is working great so far. and i appreciate the easy issues to involve people.
00:48notriddlemmun: There were a lot of problems with aelita. There are probably too many differences between it and bors-ng for me to call my experience a scientific comparison between Elixir and Rust.
00:52mmunfyi that flobots repo is just for testing. the commits are all a mess #dontjudgeme
00:53mmunI think you meant status instead of context.
00:55mmunnotriddle: is r? a codified thing?
00:56mmuni saw only docs for `bors r+/try`
00:56notriddleNot in bors. Servo's highfive uses it, but I am not using that.
00:57notriddleYes, I meant status. Oops.
01:08mmunout of the box, should the bors github status show "Waiting for status to be reported" on a new PR? as in
01:08boringbotPR #134 [open]: Adopt the Contributor Covenant -
01:11mmunit doesn't seem to show up until i "bors r+", e.g.
01:11boringbotPR #7 [open]: Update hello.test.ts -
01:47notriddleSet master as a protected branch, with bors as a required commit status.
01:55mmunoo nice
02:46mmunsay your PR has tests that pass and master is an ancestor of your PR, will bors still run the tests on staging?
02:46mmun(and your PR is the front of the queue)
03:02notriddleIt still goes through staging
03:09notriddleBors itself has Travis set up to not run the entire test suite on unapproved PRs
03:10mmunyeah. it makes sense.
03:11mmunmight be a nice opt-in option i could spike out.
03:15notriddleFeel free to file an issue.
22:08notriddlebooyaa: I notice you added the public bors-ng instance to hiredis.
22:08notriddleIs something not working on not-a-robot?
22:11badboynotriddle: you mean me
22:11notriddle... yeah, I mean you badboy. I keep getting you two mixed up...
22:11badboyI did not update not-a-robot yet and currently are a bit caught up in other work
22:12notriddleThat makes sense.
22:16notriddleFunny enough, if you still have the non-upgraded not-a-robot deployed, you don't have to go through the delete-instance-create-new-instance dance. [GitHub added a way to add to the list of permissions](
22:17badboysee, that's what I was hoping for
22:17badboymaintaining by procrastinating updates :)
22:19notriddleYou'll need to add write permissions to Issues.
22:19badboywill do later this week then
22:20badboyfor now: sleep and getting up early for a conf!
22:20notriddleAnd you probably want to `git pull upstream master; git push heroku master; heroku run 'POOL_SIZE=1 mix ecto.migrate`
22:20notriddleBug fixes. New features. The usual jazz.
16 May 2017
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