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15 Jul 2017
10:02badboynotriddle: what exactly is the staging.tmp branch used for?
13:28notriddleGitHub's merge API allows you to say that you want to merge branch B into branch A, storing the result in branch A. It does not allow you to merge B into A storing the result in C.
13:30notriddleThis means that, when homu tries to merge the PR into master, storing the result in staging, it has to do it by copying master into staging, then merging the PR into staging. This kicks off two Travis builds.
13:32notriddleSo bors-ng tries to fix this by doing the merge work in staging.tmp, which Travis ought to be configured to ignore.
13:33badboyI see
13:35badboyah I should have re-read getting started
13:35badboythanks, notriddle
15:07badboydamn, now I just need to go through my repos and add the travis config to only include relevant branches :D
16 Jul 2017
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