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14 May 2017
01:51mmunhello. having some problems getting started. i followed the instructions and choose the "heroku - do it manually" path. getting a postgres error that the relation "projects" does not exist.
01:53mmunoops. i realize this channel might not be bors-ng specific but that's the flavor i'm using.
17:04notriddleIt's fine.
17:10notriddleAnd, sorry about this, my fault. Forgot to mention that you need to create the database. Run "heroku run "POOL_SIZE=1 mix ecto.setup"
18:35mmunno sweat and thanks for your hard work!
18:36notriddleDid it fix it?
18:36mmunGetting: ** (Mix) The task "ecto.setup" could not be found. Did you mean "ecto.dump"?
18:36mmuni'll keep digging
18:36notriddleTry ecto.create, followed by ecto.migrate
18:38mmunthose commands work but i'm getting database permission errors now
18:39mmunI will just try the one-click method first
18:47mmunthe one-click method worked
18:49notriddleI looked through the one-click file (it's app.json). I guess the ecto.create function messes up Heroku's database, somehow?
18:55mmun could be. I didn't try to see if migrate was enough.
18:58mmunis there a way to make the instance private only, i.e. for companies?
18:58mmunhappy to hack it in too. j/w if i'm reading things correctly
18:59mmunprivate only isn't really what i mean. i mean whitelisting orgs.
19:00mmunor, i guess (sorry for the spam) what i really mean is to lock down who can view/add/create on the dashboard
19:09notriddleYou can set the integration as private at the GitHub level.
19:10notriddleAnd there's no need to apologise for asking question.
19:11mmunah. I will look into that.
19:13mmunhmm, something seems strange. the "add/remove repo" button links to the main bors integration, not my own
19:13notriddleThat's a bug.
19:15notriddleYou can fork the repo and change the URL in it (that's the easy way).
19:15mmundo you know if there's an integration url based on the integration id?
19:15mmunor would we want to add another env var?
19:17notriddleI don't know of one. I've been waiting for the Integration API to leave pre-release, to see if GitHub adds an API to get the URL from them (instead of hard coding it).
20:53mmunhm so i tried to just install the integration on a repo via the "install" button on the integration settings page
20:53mmunbut it doesn't seem to have registered
20:56mmun(i didn't try to fork yet)
21:02mmunah. getting a 500.
21:22mmunfalse alarm. I failed to base64 encode the cert correctly.
21:23mmun`base64` on a mac doesn't seem to use the same encoding as other tooling O_o
21:37mmunhmm. running into some more unexpected behaviours (or maybe i am just doing it wrong!), but my "r+" merged a failing branch.
21:37boringbotPR #3 [merged]: Mmun patch 1 -
21:37mmuni will come back to this later. thanks for building this thing as open source! :)
21:42notriddleIf you want it to infer the desired CI setup, don't add a bors.toml
21:43notriddleAn empty toml file means "gate on nothing."
21:43notriddleIf you want to have a custom configuration, it must be comprehensive.
21:52notriddlemmun: Maybe it should error out if it's set to do that?
23:14mmunAh I see.
15 May 2017
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