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9 Aug 2017
08:17bugbotNew User Interface: Modal bug 1388658 filed by
08:17bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Changes int dependency tree or component take too much space in the list
14:50bugbotNew General bug 1388751 filed by
14:50bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, UNCONFIRMED , Need ability to quickly search by key word
15:33bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 186: changed the Component on bug 1211377 from General to Extensions: Needinfo.
15:37bugbotBug Extensions: Needinfo, normal, --, nobody, NEW , needinfo from someone not in sec group shows warning message even when bug is being removed from sec group
15:55bugbotNew User Interface bug 1388779 filed by
15:55bugbotBug User Interface, normal, --, umohm12, NEW , Experiment with using Bootstrap for global navigation on the new-bug page
21:10bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
22:22weirdylan: mcote either of you have 5 minutes for some quick incident cleanup?
22:27mcoteweir: depends on what is involved; might have to be dylan
22:27mcoteor dkl if he's around changed the Status on bug 1380904 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
22:27bugbotBug Infrastructure, normal, --, nobody, VERIFIED FIXED, Replication Credentials for BMO DB.
22:28weirmcote: i'll pm you
22:28dylansorry, I had just stepped away
22:29dylanmcote: ^^ taken care of or?
22:29mcoteno I think it needs your tender care :)
22:29mcoteweir will pm you
10 Aug 2017
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