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8 Sep 2017 changed the Status on bug 1393857 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
13:45bugbotBug Infrastructure, normal, --, klibby, RESOLVED FIXED, Enable extensions/PhabBugz/bin/ as cron on
18:04bugbutlerdarkwing reviewed pull request 230:
20:33MossopIs there any way to add the bug file date to a bug list, I don't see it in the list of possible columns
20:36MossopAh, found it
20:40dylanMossop: yup, sorry that the names are a bit inconistent in the UI
20:40MossopI was expecting it to be Reported or Filed
20:42dylanyeah. there are like five names. column name in search, name shown in bug report / bug view, name of method on the object that represents bug, and database column name
20:42dylanall different
20:55bugbotNew General bug 1398340 filed by
20:55bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Typo in 2fa enrollment flow: "enrolment" (missing an L)
20:59bugbutlerdylanwh opened new pull request: requested review from ehumphries@mozilla. com for attachment 8906119 on bug 1398340.
21:00bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1398340.txt
21:00bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, ASSIGNED , Typo in 2fa enrollment flow: "enrolment" (missing an L)
21:06sheppySo... I'm trying to add 2FA, but when I get to the "Account Verification" screen, there's a white box with little moving squares in it and nothing happens. Been sitting here for a good long while now waiting... what should be happening? :)
21:06sheppyOh, I see... my security addon blocked Duo. :)
21:08dylanThat should go into the FAQ
21:08dylanone sec
21:09dylanthat is, I just added that
21:09sheppyThere's no link to the faq from the 2FA verification page that I could see or I like to think I'd have clicked it. :)
21:10dylanthe page is new as of the announcement.
21:10dylanwe never had any documentation about it, though we've had 2fa for years.
22:06bugbutlerdklawren pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
22:09bugbutlerdklawren opened new pull request:
22:30bugbutlerdklawren pushed 5 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
22:33bugbutlerdylanwh opened new pull request:
22:34bugbutlerdylanwh closed pull request:
22:34bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
22:47bugbotNew Administration bug 1398378 filed by
22:47bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, ehumphries, NEW , pdol not pdhaan should be triaging new tab page changed the Status on bug 1398378 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
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