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17 Mar 2017
14:30mhoyeAnyone about??
14:34* mhoye needs a user shut down.
16:01swapneshkshi.. any help on this? -
16:04swapneshksor a URL for a landfill repo or testing server?
16:11dylanprobably bugzilla-dev is a better option
16:12dylanmhoye: email to bugzilla-admin normally works. Or file an issue with a high severity
16:12mhoyedylan: turns out Mozilla Ops has that power too, so I went through them
16:13dylanindeed they do
16:14swapneshksdylan: the URL worked.. thanks!
16:15dylanswapneshks: if you see documentation pointing to landfill, fix it / report it, landfill hasn't been comparable to bmo for something like 5 years.
16:15dylan(landfill == upstream bugzilla, bmo is pretty diverged from that)
16:21swapneshksdylan: okay.. actually i was directed here from #introduction
16:24dylanI'll prod someone about that message in version-control-tools. Thanks :)
16:59bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare: changed the Status on bug 1347335 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
17:00bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, RESOLVED FIXED, Lifecycle of request cache begin at apache startup
17:09bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
18:24bugbutlerSebastinSanty opened new pull request:
18:33bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 55:
18:33bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 55:
18:42bugbutlerSebastinSanty reviewed pull request 55:
18:42TewHi. I noticed in a bug history ( -- goog page perf issue, nothing about BMO web afaict) CC for ''. is that "normal", or did someone create a user (= should probably be banned or st)?
18:45dylanTew: you mean the account is suspecious?
18:45bugbutlerSebastinSanty reviewed pull request 55:
18:46dylanthere's nothing wrong with that
18:46dylanI think bugbutler might be drunk
18:48bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 55:
18:49Tewdylan - I don't know - I couldn't find the user details besides the history ~plaintext with that username. My concern specifically is that if the name displayed in places other than bug history is the same, ppl will see "" thinking it's someone mozilla-official, while it probably isn't (given the comment it CC'ed). Basically the reason why places ban usernames "admin", "root".
19:23bugbotNew General bug 1348379 filed by
19:23bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , [ES] Index the comment author
19:25bugbotNew General bug 1348380 filed by
19:25bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , Add boolean to enable/disable elasticsearch
20:53bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 3 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
20:53dylanforce rebase, darn'd github pull requests keep screwing things up
20:54bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
21:24bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
21:33bugbotNew Extensions: BMO bug 1348404 filed by
21:33bugbotBug Extensions: BMO, normal, --, nobody, NEW , If a comment looks to contain the clipboard content from about:support, automatically add the about-support tag
23:34bugbotNew User Interface: Modal bug 1348437 filed by
23:34bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, normal, --, nobody, NEW , bz_sudo doesn't work with modal interface (probably issue with tokens)
23:36bugbotNew General bug 1348438 filed by
23:36bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , User ejection produces some duplicate entries in the history table
23:37bugbotNew User Interface bug 1348439 filed by
23:37bugbotBug User Interface, normal, --, nobody, NEW , History item "reporter accessible: true" is confusing
18 Mar 2017
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