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17 Jul 2017 changed the Status on bug 947141 from RESOLVED WONTFIX to REOPENED ---.
00:04bugbotBug Extensions: GuidedBugEntry, normal, --, nobody, REOPENED , Put "Powered by Bugzilla 5.6.7" in footer of all pages of all sites
09:22marcowho can disable an account for spamming?
09:24marcobug 742832
09:24bugbotBug WebRTC, normal, --, blassey.bugs, RESOLVED FIXED, Add support for tab sharing for getUserMedia
12:12araiwhy is comment field now resizable only horizontally ?
12:12araiI need it to be vertically resizable
12:16araiapparently the field is now resized automatically, but the maximum height is too small
12:19sebanThere is already a bug solving this issue, in progress. Don't remember the bug number. Let me check.
12:20sebanIt regressed due to wlach's latest patch on addition of autosizing comment box.
12:24sebanBug 1380352
12:24bugbotBug General, normal, P1, dylan, NEW , Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable)
12:25araiI think, even with the "destroy on manual resize" way, the current maximum height is problematic
12:25araiit has only 269px for me
12:26araiso, autoresize stops at not enough size
12:27araiwould it be better filing a new bug or comment to some existing bug?
12:27sebanYeah, I checked it now and it feels that max-height is same to the earlier initial size. Probably should've been bigger.
12:29sebanI guess, as wlach is already solving this issue, it would be better if you could comment and ?needinfo him?
12:38arai(to be honest, I don't see any reason to have maximum height, since bug comment can be almost-unlimitedly long requested review from for attachment 8887027 on bug 1381314.
12:58bugbotAttachment patch, Added link to get_permission.html.tmpl from user profile., user_profile.html.tmpl
12:58bugbotBug Extensions: UserProfile, normal, --, cooldipanks14, NEW , Link "Permissions" from user-profile to get_permissions.html requested review from for attachment 8887031 on bug 1365983.
13:07bugbotAttachment patch, Removed "Cloud Services" and added " Data Pipeline and Tools", choose-product.html.tmpl
13:07bugbotBug Administration, normal, P3, cooldipanks14, NEW , should be updated to reflect new data pipleine and tools components
13:41dylanautoresize-can-be-off will happen tomorrow as well, for those that really hate it. :-)
14:47bugbotNew Extensions: OrangeFactor bug 1381504 filed by
14:47bugbotBug Extensions: OrangeFactor, normal, P1, gbrown, NEW , OF commenter unable to set priority for triage
14:48bugbotNew General bug 1381505 filed by
14:48bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Feedback and issues for Blind Reviews Experiment BMO extensions changed the Component on bug 1381504 from Extensions: OrangeFactor to Administration. changed the Status on bug 1375229 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
14:56bugbotBug General, normal, --, tomica, RESOLVED FIXED, Save Blind review flags along the review on BMO
15:25bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 149:
15:29bugbotNew Administration bug 1381518 filed by
15:29bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Add/Remove values in "Iteration" drop down options
16:17bugbutlerdylanwh opened new pull request:
16:39bugbutlerSebastinSanty reviewed pull request 155:
17:04bugbotNew Administration bug 1381561 filed by
17:04bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Move Hacks component from MDN to Developer Engagement
17:06bugbutlerSebastinSanty reviewed pull request 155:
17:06bugbutlerdylanwh closed pull request:
17:06bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare:
17:14bugbutlerdarkwing edited pull request:
17:16bugbotNew General bug 1381566 filed by
17:16bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Add alternative query option to
17:18bugbotNew Administration bug 1381567 filed by
17:18bugbotBug Administration, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Weekly close of inactive Intermittent bugs without sending mails
17:35bugbotNew Email Notifications bug 1381570 filed by
17:35bugbotBug Email Notifications, normal, --, nobody, NEW , POST /rest/bug (and Bug.create) do not send email identically to post_bug.cgi
17:43bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 152: granted review for attachment 8887082 on bug 1381042.
17:44bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, github pull request, 152.patch
17:44bugbotBug General, normal, --, sebastinssanty, NEW , new-bug doesn't properly engage the email generation machinery
17:44bugbutlerSebastinSanty closed pull request:
17:44bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare: changed the Status on bug 1381042 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
17:56bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 149:
17:57bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 149:
18:13bugbutlerdylanwh opened new pull request:
18:14bugbutlerdylanwh closed pull request:
19:18bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 143:
20:08bugbotNew Extensions: Splinter bug 1381609 filed by
20:08bugbotBug Extensions: Splinter, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Make Splinter read-only for Firefox products
20:30bugbutlerwlach pushed 3 to mozilla-bteam/autosize. Compare:
20:41bugbutlerwlach opened new pull request:
21:11bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 149:
21:17bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 1: changed the Status on bug 947141 from REOPENED --- to RESOLVED WONTFIX.
21:26bugbotBug Extensions: GuidedBugEntry, normal, --, nobody, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Put "Powered by Bugzilla 5.6.7" in footer of all pages of all sites
21:41bugbutlerwlach opened new pull request: requested review from for attachment 8887238 on bug 1380352.
21:43bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380352.txt
21:43bugbotBug General, normal, P1, wlachance, NEW , Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable)
22:06bugbutlerumohm1 closed pull request:
22:06bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare: granted review for attachment 8886800 on bug 1380389.
22:06bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380389.txt
22:06bugbotBug User Interface: Modal, normal, --, umohm12, RESOLVED FIXED, autosize comments should be a user pref (default: on) changed the Status on bug 1380389 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
22:08bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 157:
22:18bugbutlerdylanwh reviewed pull request 146:
22:19bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 146:
22:20bugbutlerdylanwh closed pull request:
22:20bugbutlerdylanwh pushed 1 to mozilla-bteam/bmo. Compare: granted review for attachment 8886027 on bug 1380408.
22:23bugbotAttachment text/x-github-pull-request, PR, file_1380408.txt
22:23bugbotBug General, normal, --, dylan, NEW , elasticsearch user completion should consider people with multiple ircnicks changed the Status on bug 1380408 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
22:34bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 146:
22:39bugbutlerDipanks edited pull request:
22:39bugbutlerDipanks edited pull request:
22:39bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 151:
22:44bugbotNew General bug 1381654 filed by
22:44bugbotBug General, normal, --, nobody, NEW , attachment.cgi?action=diff should show the attachment details if it can't find a diff.
22:48bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 144:
23:04bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 157:
23:07bugbutlerfloatingatoll reviewed pull request 157:
23:22ulfrwhat is this "unsafe url" warning in bmo? See the URL in
23:22bugbotBug 1375704: XPConnect, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Thousands of content shutdown crashes caused by ScriptPreloader
23:22ulfrdylan: ^^^
23:25lizzardHallo there. On (one comment below that) there is a link to crash-stats
23:25bugbotBug 1375704: XPConnect, normal, --, nobody, NEW , Thousands of content shutdown crashes caused by ScriptPreloader
23:25lizzardAnd when i tried to click through I get a message about an unsafe URL.
23:25ulfrlizzard: I just asked :)
23:25lizzardIs that a bugzilla issue or something else?
23:28lizzardoh well then. carry on
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